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How much glacier loss have we sustained since 1994?
100 billion tons
400 billion tons
800 billion tons

During which period did the Japanese government encourage Western wear?

What does the “Genealogy and Family History of a Spanish Merchant” contain?
Immigration papers
Nautical charts
125 documents

Melt Away

glacierThe Global Ice Viewer, www.nasa.gov/external
, helps to raise public awareness of the serious effects climate change is having on our Earth. Click on Glaciers and get great comparison visuals on regions such as the Alaska Range and the Himalayas. Now move over to Greenland and watch a video about the Greenland ice melt. The Arctic Sea Ice Trend is impossible to ignore as you see how many kilometers of ice we have lost over the last quarter-century. This site would be a wonderful tool in a geology class, so bookmark it and pass it on.

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A Colorful Wrap

illustration of people wearing kimonosKids Web Japan invites you to wrap yourself up in traditional Japanese garb and kimono history at Visual Culture: Kimono, http://web-japan.org/kidsweb/virtual/kimono. The History of the Kimono will tell you how kimonos came to be and explains their important role in Japanese culture over the years. There are also many occasions to wear a kimono, such as births and weddings. Once you know the basics, pop into the dressing room in Virtual Kimono, where you can mix and match kimonos and obis to create the perfect outfit tailored to you.

Moments to Remember

Mayan hieroglyphsHow do you remember the important times in your life? Do you keep scrapbooks? Do you take pictures? Discover how the Mayans documented their lives in Exploring the Early Americas: Recording History, http://myloc.gov/Exhibitions/Early Americas/Interactives/Recording
. The Mayans used pottery, wood and stone to create permanent memories of their ancestors. You can browse through translations and uncover the stories behind the Tortuguero Box and a carved mirror back. Rotate the objects with your mouse and enjoy cool artifacts.

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Flex Your Brain

After taking a break from school, whether it's a short vacation in the winter or the long summer off, my memory can start to feel a little fuzzy. Luckily, there are a few tricks I can do to help get my brain back into school mode. Before school starts, I review all my notes from each class to remember where we left off. I also play online memory games to sharpen my skills. To learn more and try out some memory games, visit these sites.

Memory Matters

Improve Your Memory

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