Week of January 23, 2011

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Which country requires businesses to create easily recyclable goods?

How cold can it get on Mars at night?
-100° F
-200° F
-300° F

When were the first truly successful human transplants completed?
In the late 1920s between brothers
In the early 1940s between sisters
In the early 1950s between identical twins

Trash to Treasure

cat sculptureFind another use for your recycled goods at Creative Creatures: A Global Trash Menagerie, www.pem.org/sites/trash. Click on slideshows and videos to find lots of great inspiration from aspiring artists and their amazing recycled creations. You can mouse around on the map to search for art and ideas by location. Choose the light bulbs for ideas and the cameras for pictures. For example, did you know that in Senegal people make cans into cups and use newspapers to wrap groceries? So get creative with trash right now!

Nominate a cool website at:

A Wonder of Weather

tornadoNASA's SciJinks, http://scijinks.jpl.nasa.gov, invites you to explore different weather phenomena as you play games and browse through photos. Check out the Cool Fact or Picture of the Day to start. Now boogie over to Fun and Games to discover how a hurricane forms and to solve a weather “slyder.” Now I Get It will help you make sense of science topics such as why the sky is blue, weather on other planets, and more. You can also get great ideas for science fair projects, so make sure to bookmark this site for school.

Health Alert

ImmunoMr. Immuno, your new blue friend, is ready to teach you what you need to know about germs, bacteria and viruses at Immune Responses, http://nobelprize.org/
. Play doctor as you administer an important shot to keep Daisy from getting diphtheria. You can also see white blood cells in action as you click on them to lower Mr. Immune's fever and return him to a cool blue. From activating hungry immune cells to completing skin grafts, this interactive site is a treasure trove for science teachers and future doctors.

Speak Out

What is the best remedy when
you have a cold?

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Dear Amy: How are hackers and viruses able to get into computers? — Zhou, Hubei, China

Dear Zhou: The main way hackers are able to get into people's computers through the Internet is by guessing common usernames and passwords to try to gain access. Using a simple password like “12345” is dangerous. Always choose a strong password that includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Viruses are primarily spread through downloading infected files. To avoid infecting your computer, use an antivirus program to scan anything you download. To learn more, go to www.sciencedaily.com/videos/2008/0407-

Dear Amy: How are magnets made? — Alex, Stanhope, N.J.

Dear Alex: The atoms in materials that can be magnetized are organized into small groups, called domains. When the material is placed in a strong magnetic field, the domains become aligned with the magnetic field, creating a magnet. For more information on magnets, visit www.sciencetech.


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