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What is Isabella's motto?
Waste not, want not
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Make Do and Mend

What does “comet” mean in Greek?

What is the official language
in Haiti?

A Holiday Project

suitcase with puppetsMake Do and Mend, http://
, will keep idle holiday hands busy with great puppet projects. New gifts may surround you this time of year, but you will soon find yourself using recyclables for amusement. Meet the puppets who inhabit the magic suitcase, such as Oscar the Magician and Isabella Emmanuella the Eco Fashion Designer, made from items you have around the house. Read their stories and then choose a puppet to make. You can even make all five and put on a show for your family!

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Come Hither, Comet

watching a meteor showerWhat is that streaking through the sky? Learn about Comet Facts, Myths and Legends at http://amazing-space.stsci.
. Enter the notebook to begin your journey into the science and stories behind comets. Not everyone thinks comets are lucky stars! Did you know that some people considered a comet to be a curse? Others went so far as to create gas masks and special umbrellas to protect them from a comet's rays. Plan ahead for the Perseid meteor shower next August. What a sight!

An Island Beat

people in HaitiJoin CARE to take a Virtual Field Trip to Haiti at www.careusa.org/vft/haiti. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. This website helps to document the struggles that Haitians face every day as they work to find food and clean water in the wake of last January’s devastating earthquake. Read through the different journal entries and transport yourself into the cities and villages of Haiti to learn about the schoolchildren, food shortages and deforestation. Share this site to bring attention to Haiti’s needs.

Speak Out

How do you have fun when
it is cold outside?

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Get Your Sleuth On

One of my all-time favorite things to do on a cold winter day is to get lost in a good mystery novel. Mystery books will keep you guessing and can put you on the edge of your seat in suspense. Best of all, there are so many books to choose from! From classics like the Nancy Drew series and “The Boxcar Children,” to newer ones featuring such heroes as Jane Blonde, it’s easy to find a cool book. Visit these sites for book recommendations, online stories and more.

Mystery Stories for Younger Readers

Mysteries: Books for Teens

MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries

Jane Blonde - Sensational Spylet


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