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What is the Latin name for the ground sloth?
Megalonyx jeffersonii
Mammut americanum
Bootherium bombifrons

Who wrote “I Am the Great Horse”?
Howard Pyle
Marianna Mayer
Katherine Roberts

How many staircases can be found in the palace?

Founding Father Loved Fossils

skull fossilMost students know about Thomas Jefferson's love for all things intellectual, but venture into the Thomas Jefferson Fossil Collection, www.ansp.org/museum/
, to discover a side of him that might be new to you. The American Mastodon is a must-see in his impressive fossil collection, and there is a lot to learn about this massive mysterious beast. If you are feeling brave, click on The Giant Claw to discover what animal possessed these powerful talons. Here’s to unearthing great history!

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Book Club

girl writing book reportLooking for a great book? Scholastic's Share What You Are Reading, http://teacher.
, is a great place to visit for reading recommendations. This cool site allows kids to write book reviews and read the critiques that others have written. This little book-lovin' network will introduce you to books that you might have not known about, and it will also give you a great platform to share your literary adventures. Remember this resource come book report time and share it with your classmates.

A Royal Tour

Big BenRoam through the well-traveled halls in The Houses of Parliament, http://services.parliament.uk/education
, to get a look inside a political power-house that has been home to many great kings and has witnessed the secret wheeling and dealings of politicians. Click on the map to see beautiful photos of the impressive interiors, such as the Central Lobby, the Royal Gallery and The Prince's Chamber, as you navigate through these important places. Each area is open for you to explore, so enjoy this virtual tour from across the pond.

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Dear Amy: Can you watch movies on the Internet? — Gabrielle, Erie, Kan.

Dear Gabrielle: Definitely! As Internet speeds and bandwidths are improving, more sites are offering streaming videos. Streaming content, such as TV shows or movies, will play as you are downloading it. If you have a fast Internet connection, you should be able to watch movies in real time. If your connection is slower, you may want to pause the video and let your browser download more of the file before you start watching it. This can help prevent lagging.

Some movie rental services, such as Netflix, allow you to watch movies online. This is a great option if you already have a subscription. You can also find free TV shows and movies online at Hulu, www.hulu.com/tv/genres/family. Have fun!

Dear Amy: Why can’t we feel the Earth spin? — Cassidy, Baxter, Minn.

Dear Cassidy: The Earth is spinning at a constant speed, and we are spinning at the same speed with it. It’s like riding in a car. If you close your eyes, you can’t tell that you’re moving until the car speeds up or slows down. To find out more, visit http://earthsky.org/earth/why-cant-we-feel-earths-spin.


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