Week of June 20, 2010

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Who is the Project Director for Gold Fever?
John Sutter
Juana Briones
Tom Frye

Which artist is featured in Make Your Mark?
Barbara Hepworth
Bruce Nauman
Jim Lambie

How are forests
Into squares
Into layers
Into biomes

Gold Digger

man panning for goldGather some tools and discover your prospects at PBS Kids’ Gold Rush, http://pbskids.org/
. Take your gold-digging temperature at Gold Fever, where you will read how people from all over the world came together to search for fame and fortune in California. And then check out Buzz, where you can meet a real Gold Rush expert and find out the super-secret details behind the biggest Gold Rush museum exhibit. Before you head on over and explore other Internet digs, meet People To Know to see how regular folks were affected by Gold Rush madness.

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Get Your Craft On

girl doing craftsBookmark Tate Create: Be Crafty Online at http://kids.
for a sure-fire way to cure your boredom blues. Use your imagination to create an angel out of everyday materials, or find new ways to create an old favorite, the collage, in Frame a View. With your parents' permission, go into the bathroom closet and snag a bar of soap. Soap Carving will have you whittling wonders in no time. From creating light labs to building houses, you are bound to find the perfect project for you.

A Must See

parrotNature Under Glass, www2.ville.montreal.qc.ca/
, invites you to explore ecosystems as you wander through a variety of biodomes. Begin in the winter wonderland of the Antarctic, where penguins and other strange birds waddle through life. The marine ecosystem will have you making new water-loving pals, such as starfish and seagulls, when you see life through their eyes. The lush beauty of the Tropical Forest is dazzling with so many videos and pictures that you will really feel like part of this biodome family.

Speak Out

What makes a teacher great?

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Social Safety 2.0

Three years ago, I wrote about some of the first social networking sites designed just for kids. Things sure have changed! More and more kid-friendly virtual worlds are popping up all the time. These sites offer games, virtual pets, avatars and cool ways to interact with your friends online. Best of all, they're designed to be safe for kids of all ages. All the sites are free to join, but if you're under 13, grab a parent before logging on!

Moshi Monsters

Free Realms


Anash Interactive

My Juniorbook

(The last site is no longer available.)


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