Week of May 23, 2010

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What does NCTM stand for?
National Center for Technology and Math
National Council of Teachers of Math
New Council on Technical Math

How do the country dogs travel?
With a time machine
With their minds and their eyes
With virtual reality goggles

Where is Thomas Clarkson's Travelling Chest?

Tally It Up

number game boardShow off your marvelous math skills at Calculation Nation, http://calculationnation.org. Play awhile in Games, where peer-rated challenges will have you busting your brain. Bring along your best math buddy for a great game of Slam Ball. Once you are familiar with the games and want to step it up, you can begin to test your knowledge as you battle it out with other players. From Fraction Feud to Times Squared, all levels of math mavens are welcome, so discover new ways to show your talents. Good luck!

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Look A Little Closer

The Country Dog GentlemenJoin the pack as The Country Dog Gentlemen Travel to Extraordinary Worlds at http://countrydogs.sfmoma.
. These two curious canines are just waiting for a click of your mouse to tell you their tales. Choose a relic of art from among several different pieces to get the dogs’ perspective on it. This pair of crazy-looking pooches will explain symbolism, color and other hidden meanings in popular works of modern art. These history-making objects will allow you to remember important dates in a new way.

Objective History

Luohan figureThere are many ways to make a history lesson, but the BBC's A History of the World, www.bbc.co.uk/ahistoryoftheworld, marks important moments in time with objects. Click on the timeline and get sucked into a vortex of amazing works that highlight specific time periods and help you to understand what makes those moments historically significant. Just choose any item that catches your eye and read up on it. Details about its origins and use, as well as the item’s current location, are waiting for your discovery. These images make history take on a life of its own in a new way.

Speak Out

What is the best way to tell someone
“I love you”?

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Dear Amy: Where can I find sites about Web design? — Tasha, Thiruvananthapuram, India

Dear Tasha: If you do a Google search for “Web design,” you'll see hundreds of millions of hits. That's a lot of information to sift through! One of the best places to go is W3Schools, www.w3schools.com. This site has tons of tutorials that cover everything from basic HTML to using scripting languages. Another great resource is Webmonkey at www.webmonkey.com. You'll find more tutorials, including blogging and adding multimedia to your site. There are also quick reference pages and a blog with the latest Web design news. Another cool blog is Dzine Blog, http://dzineblog.com, where you can find design inspiration, freebies for your site and other resources from all over the Web.

Dear Amy: How does lightning put nitrogen into the soil? — Sierra, Fresno, Calif.

Dear Sienna: Earth's atmosphere is made up of around 78 percent nitrogen, which is present in the air we breathe and in the soil. When lightning strikes, nitrogen is chemically altered into a form that's usable by plants. This is called nitrogen fixation. To find out more, visit www.backyardnature.net/


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