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What is "interest"?
Money you put in the bank  
The original amount you owe on a loan
The amount a borrower pays to the lender for the privilege of borrowing the money  

What is the capital of Bhutan?

What is Lisa Miller's job?
Wildlife tracker
Mechanic and teacher

Newly Minted

kid with hands full of moneyTheMint.org welcomes future Wall Street workers and regular kids trying to stretch their allowance to learn all about dealing with money at www.themint.org/
. No matter what odd jobs you take on to bang out a few bucks, saving, spending, giving and investing are all important subjects to keep in mind as you analyze your financial portfolio. From opening a bank account to decoding your paycheck, this site will have you cashing in with your new money smarts. Talk to your mom and dad to see if there are extra chores you can take on today.

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Across the Globe

child's drawingLearn all you can about Asian culture at Mitsubishi Asian Children’s Enikki Festa, http://enikki.mitsubishi.or.jp/
, where the Enikki, or personal diaries, of kids all over Asia are on display. The Enikki Gallery allows you to mouse over a map of Asia and click on a country to immerse yourself in the life of a child far away. For example, visit the Kingdom of Cambodia and meet Trann Long, whose drawings tell stories of floods, rice planting and harvests. Many have shared their work, so enjoy!

Lend Me Your Ear

earExploratorium's Listen, http://exploratorium.edu/listen/
, will have you training your ears to hear sounds in new ways. Head over to Online Activities and figure out new listening techniques to help you take in your sonic environment with games like Audio Pong and Sound Puzzles. If you think listening is one of your special skills, Watch and Listen will hook you up with people who use their ears to further their careers. See if you can find a job or career path that could suit you. Then head to Print, Do, Listen, where you’ll find auditory activities you can take anywhere.

Speak Out

Who is your favorite sports player?

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Become a Food Sleuth

We all know that it's important to eat right to grow strong, healthy bodies. Unfortunately, food can be confusing. That's why the U.S. government requires packaged food to have a label that lists the ingredients, serving sizes and nutritional information. If you know how to read a food label, you can figure out whether a food is healthy or not. Many stores now use other labeling systems that give foods a healthiness rating. Use these ratings as a guide, and be sure to check out the food label for all the facts. Here are some cool sites that will help you investigate your food like a pro.

Figuring Out Food Labels

Nutrition Label Glossary

Nutrition and Healthy Eating


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