Week of May 9, 2010

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Why do you lose height as you get older?
Gravity compresses your spine 
Your bones slowly shrink
Your feet begin to flatten  

Who lends
her voice to “Stellaluna”?
Pamela Reed
Jane Kaczmarek
Amanda Bynes

Who was Ptah?
The god of war and destruction
The god of craftsmanship
The god of the harvest

Searchable Science

magnet and lightbulbCheck out the inquiry-based Full Option Science System, or FOSS, at www.fossweb.com/
. This database of scientific goodies features interactive science activities that will have you testing your skills in no time. Think you can create a balanced and healthy meal? Food and Nutrition dares you to try. If weather interests you, click over to the Water Planet Module and turn yourself into a water molecule for an unforgettable journey. With so many modules and activities to choose from, kiss your boredom goodbye.

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A Tale to Tell

The Mowry twinsAre you in the mood for story time? Kids of all ages should visit Storyline Online at www.storylineonline.net, where famous voices from the Screen Actors Guild narrate children's books aloud. There are great activities to accompany each story, so pick one, click to begin and listen closely. James Earl Jones' well-known voice entertains listeners in “To Be a Drum,” and Al Gore keeps the pages turning with “Brave Irene.” Be sure to pass on this one to your English teacher for cool lesson plans and ideas.

The Gods Among Us

Egyptian cat statueTake a trip to ancient Egypt and celebrate Gods and Goddesses: Animals in Ancient Egyptian Religion, http://collectionsonline.
. Do you have a sublime feline roaming the halls of your house? If so, you should know Bastet, a gentle, cat-like goddess who is closely associated with motherhood and fertility. If dogs are more your speed, click on Anubis to read about how this faithful companion guided many people into the afterlife. From Amun to Wadjet, your Egyptian animal knowledge will improve in no time.

Speak Out

Do you think instant messenging
should be allowed at school?

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Dear Amy: How do I create my own font or turn my handwriting into a font? — Juliet, Ballwin, Mo.

Dear Juliet: With a little artistic talent and some patience, you can make your own special characters and fonts to use on your computer. All the Windows operating systems have a program called Private Character Editor, which lets you draw and save your own characters. To learn how to use it, visit http://webserver.computoredge.com/online.mvc?article=vista&

Another option is to use a Web-based editor. Try FontStruct, http://fontstruct.fontshop.com, where you can create, share and download fonts for free. You'll need to sign up in order to use the site, so be sure to ask a parent for permission first.

Creating a handwritten font is pretty simple. The basic process is to draw each character on a template and use a scanner to upload your font. There are many Web sites that will create your font for around $10. Another option is to buy font-editing software. However, font editors are a lot more expensive than the Web-based option. Either way, get creative and have fun!


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