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How many instruments make up the baroque team?


Smoking not only affects your lungs, it also affects which other organ?
Your heart
Your liver
Your gallbladder

What is the Lakota term for
Winter Counts?
Háu kola
Waniyetu wowapi
Yápi kéye

Pitch Perfect

tubaMusic lovers will hit a high note at ARTSEDGE: Perfect Pitch, http://artsedge.kennedy-center.
. To begin, take to this virtual baseball field by choosing a specific musical era. From classical to modern, these talented orchestral teams are waiting to strut their stuff and blow you away. Listen closely as the different instruments blend together to make beautiful music. All members of the orchestra have an important role to play, so get a good look at all the players and get an earful of their musical stylings.

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Breathe In

non-smokerEvery time you take a deep breath, use that moment to appreciate the workings of your amazing body. Inside the Human Body: The Respiratory System, www.lung.ca/children/index_
, invites all kids to educate themselves on lung health and functions. Click on the appropriate age level to begin. From cigarette smoke to air pollution, there are many things out there that can hurt your lungs. See what you can do to keep yours in tip-top shape. You can also play games and read stories, so get clickin' now!

Passing Days

image from the Lakota Winter CountThe Smithsonian Institute's Lakota Winter Counts, http://wintercounts.si.
, shows how this group of Native Americans used artistic drawings to mark the passage of time. Take a look at these beautiful calendars where the Lakota drew pictures to highlight special moments to be cherished and remembered. Search through this virtual art database to discover important events from their recordings and then enjoy a documentary discussing the lives of the Lakota. You may be inspired to create your own Winter Count calendar. So go find your crayons and paper and draw pictures full of your favorite memories.

Speak Out

Do you keep a journal? If so, how often
do you write in it?

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Let's Groove

We all know that it's important to exercise to keep our bodies strong, but sometimes it can be hard to get motivated. I like to spend time outside playing tennis or biking, but what do I do if the weather is too cold or too rainy? Dance! I like to put on some favorite tunes and boogie down in my room or dance with a workout video.

There are lots of styles of dance, from ballroom to hip-hop, so it shouldn't be too hard to find something you like. If you want to try out some dance moves, visit http://home.howstuffworks.com/dance-activities-for-kids.htm to learn some basic steps in ballet, jazz, tap and even rain dance. For even more dance moves, check out www.activitytv.com/dance-for-kids. This site has lots of cool videos featuring kids teaching their favorite dances.

Dancing can also be a fun way to meet new friends. Many recreation centers and art centers offer classes in different styles of dance, so you can learn cool new moves with a group. Whether you’re dancing alone or with friends, you’re sure to have a blast!


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