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What does
an animal nutritionist do?
Teach animals about nutrition  
Sell pet food Show a scientific interest in an animal’s diet 

When did Hoffman paint “Landscape”?

Who is the head of the Wholesale Bank Operations of Standard Chartered Bank China?
Ruth Markland
John Peace
David Lynch


catAbout Cats: Feline Education for Youngsters, http://kids.cfa.org, will punctuate learning with purring as you figure out what makes your furry friends tick. This playful site teaches you about the diverse cat breeds and their many colors. If you are interested in adopting, make sure to check out the personality of your future pet. Will you be a good fit for each other? If you think your love for cats will survive into adulthood, check out Careers, where jobs such as cat breeder, veterinarian and cat sitter could be the perfect match for you.

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Hofmann's Many Hats

paintingHans Hofmann: Artist/Teacher, Teacher/Artisit, www.pbs.org/
, chronicles a man who has influenced generations of students with his works. Stop by Hofmann's Legacy to discover famous pupils who trained under him and how he taught them to discover their own inner artist. The Photo Gallery helps to put faces to names and allows you to understand Hoffman's life in a visual context. Move over to Selected Works and see Hoffman’s talents on display in paintings such as “Portrait of Maria Wolfegg” and “Pointalist Still Life.”

Food for Thought

hungry woman and childEnter Starving Nations: Where Every Grain Matters at http://library.thinkquest.org/
. Mouse around at the bottom of the page to begin your journey. Click on The Story to uncover how historic famines, such as The Great Chinese Famine, have permanently altered the affected regions and their populations. The Analysis explains how deeply the food crisis hurts whole countries. Surveys were handed out all over the world to discover more about the global food crisis, and while the answers are tough to hear, they are important so that we can improve the current situation.

Speak Out

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Backyard Adventures

You may not realize it yet, but there's a whole world of adventure right in your own yard! Spend a sunny afternoon exploring in your yard or in a local park to see what you can find. A great way to connect with nature is by writing observations in a nature journal. Try sketching pictures or taking photos of the cool things you see. You can also add pressed leaves and flowers to your journal. For more fun ideas, check out these sites with backyard science, activities and more.

Keeping a Nature Journal

Your Big Backyard Magazine

Nature Rocks: Find Activities

Backyard Biodiversity


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