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Which two sports are discussed in Community Today?
Lacrosse and Canoe Racing 
Discus and Running  
Swimming and Javelin  

Where did the Chytrid Fungus first appear?
South Africa

If you ate one apple a day, how many years would it take you to eat every kind of apple that exists?

A Great People

Snuneymuxw womenSnuneymuxw people have built a strong community that embraces the many gifts of nature. Discover their ways at Voices of the Snuneymuxw, First Nation, www.snuneymuxwvoices.ca/
. Click on Object List to see some of the beautiful and yet functional tools these people relied on to travel, make clothing and to fish for their dinner. Move over to Community Today to discover how the lives of the Snuneymuxw have changed and how they have also managed to preserve important traditions that make them special.
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frogFrogs have survived for hundreds of millions of years, but A Croak of Caution, http://library.thinkquest.org/
, is a cry for help from these resilient green cuties. Climate change, disease and other environmental factors are causing frogs to die at an alarming rate. Follow the frog pictures on the lily pads to learn about their struggle to live and what we can do to help. If we will open our eyes to the signs the frogs are giving us, maybe we can reverse some of the damage we have caused for a better future.

What R U Eating?

eating watermelonThe University of Illinois is asking some important and tasty questions with Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From? at http://urbanext.
. The menu has so many exciting options. As the choices flash before your eyes, click on one to begin. Here is an all-star snack favorite: popcorn. Did you know that we have been eating these delicate, buttery kernels for 8,000 years? How about apples? I bet you did not know they were related to roses. From fruits to grains, this site will open your eyes to the stories behind your classic food favorites.
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Learn Around the World

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in another country? In some places, school is a privilege, and only children whose families can afford the tuition are able to attend. In other places, children are expected to go to school. To learn more, check out these sites that describe what school is like across the globe and let you see what’s for lunch.

PBS Africa for Kids

Go Places with Time for Kids: India

Education in Japan

A Kid’s Life in...

What's For School Lunch?


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