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Who makes the best blueberry pancakes?

Where does Chuku live now?
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These Kids are Cookin'

girl in chef's hatNo matter who you are or where you live, one thing is for sure: You have to eat! Find inspiration at The Wee Kiwis: Cooking for Kids, www.weekiwis.com/recipes.
, where kid-friendly recipes are waiting for eager testers. Are you a fan of all things sticky and sweet? Well Monkey Bread is the perfect pick for you. If you are just looking for a smooth, cold drink to quench your thirst, check out the Chilly Orange Drink. Or you can tame your hunger with a cheesy quesadilla, a quick delicious snack. Are you full yet?
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Tales From Teens

refugees in KosovoWar is a serious matter that affects everyone. Discover how teens around the globe have lived through tough times at Beyond the Fire: Teen Experiences of War, www.itvs.org/beyondthefire. Visit Stories and learn the answers to important questions that other children have had to ask themselves during war. Do you know what you would take from your home if you had only five minutes to pack? While these are hard topics to tackle, you will appreciate your freedom even more after visiting this site.

Outta Sight!

towerA Museum of Modern Art's interactive site, Tall Buildings, www.moma.org/
, presents 25 detailed looks into towering structures around the world. As the site loads, your screen will fill with the gargantuan silhouettes of the featured skyscrapers. New technologies have allowed builders and city residents to be more confident about the safety of these towers. Mouse over the building you would like to read up on and be transported into your selection as you explore the inside, view photo galleries, get stats and more!
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Dear Amy: I would like to be an architect when I grow up. Are there any Web sites that can help me with my skills? — Aadarsh, Woodbury, Minn.

Dear Aadarsh: I've always thought it would be cool to be an architect. You'll need to get a degree in architecture, so it's important to do well in school, especially math and science. There are also lots of fun places on the Web to learn about architecture and see if it's something you want to pursue.

Learn about large structures such as skyscrapers, bridges and dams at Building Big, www.pbs.org/wgbh/buildingbig. Once you've learned the basics, try The Challenges to test your new knowledge. Another cool site is Architect Studio 3D, www.architectstudio3d.org/AS3d/home.html, where you can learn about architecture, get to know the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and you can even design a virtual house and walk though it in 3D.

Finally, visit www.bls.gov/k12/build04.htm to get the scoop on what it takes to become an architect, what the job is like and facts such as how much it pays. You can also learn about similar careers like urban planner or landscape architect. Good luck!


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