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What is the front of the boat is also known as?
The stern
The bow  
The hull  

Who is the father of all the Greek gods?

Where was the kidney-shaped purse made?

Going Places

old-fashioned bicycleExplore different methods of travel at Transport Explorer, www.mylearning.org/
. Venture into this virtual town to learn all you can about how goods and people get from one place to another. Click on the mode of transport that interests you the most, such as cars, trains, bikes or boats, to begin. Did you know that there are many different terms for the parts of a boat or that the key to your car causes electrical sparks once it’s in the ignition? One thing is for sure, this site will make travel a lot more exciting in the future.
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The Stars Speak

constellationsGlance up at the twinkling lights in the night, and listen to the Stories of the Skies at www.nmm.ac.uk/
. So many characters and creatures roam through the dark, telling fabulous tales full of mythology. Have you ever wondered how the planets were named? Find out more about Venus, the goddess of love, and Mars, the god of war, as you jump around the Milky Way. Once you know who is who and what is what, recount the mythical stories to friends and family the next time you’re out stargazing.

Fashion Forward

fashionable girlAdd a little sparkle to your life at Bedazzled, www.schoolsliaison.org
, a site for the style obsessed. This virtual magazine is full of inspiration, whether you are exploring the history of certain trends or just wondering what your clothes say about you. You might also get Carried Away with all the choices of bags this site features. Pick your purse based on look, function or construction. Each one comes with information on the story behind the style, so pick your favorite. Good luck, good lookin'.
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Thai Time

There are so many cool places to see around the world. I may not get to visit them all, but luckily, the Internet makes virtual travel a breeze. One cool place I've always wanted to go is Thailand. Take a trip to Thailand with me when you visit these cool sites. Immerse yourself in Thai art or find an easy recipe to get a taste of Thailand at home. The itinerary is up to you!

Fact Monster: Thailand

Art of Thai Ceramics

Learn Thai Cooking

A Kid's Life inThailand

TrekEarth: Thailand Photos


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