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What are Twig and Twag?

Who first thought of the Milky Way?
Galileo Galilei
Thomas Wright
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honeycombLet curiosity be your guide at BEESWAX, Pictures and News from Around the World at http://pbskids.org/beeswax. Become a welcome busybody as you look into the lives of others through pictures and learn about the world around you. Mouse around on the honeycomb to highlight the pictures that interest you the most. When you click on the thumbnail sketch, the featured picture will pop up and a description of the image and its contents will be below. Enjoy this virtual voyage and check back often for new photos. (This site is no longer available.)
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Time to Act

panda bearHumans have the ability to help our other earthly inhabitants lead happier, healthier lives. Visit S.O.S, Save Our Species, http://library.thinkquest.
, to find out which animals need your help and what you can do you save them. Each featured animal, such as Allie the alligator or Penelope the penguin, comes with a virtual book that tells its story. But animals are not the only ones who need your assistance; flowers and trees need special care too. Become an Earth activist to make the most of your surroundings.

Somewhere Out There

Galileo GalileiThroughout human history different beliefs about life beyond our planet have existed. Review those ideas at NASA's Planet Quest, www.nasa.gov/
, and discover what famous scientists hypothesized. Some ideas, such as the theory that the sun orbited the Earth, may seem crazy now, but back then it was accepted as the truth. This site can help you understand how our scientific capabilities have evolved, and it will introduce you to many inventive and creative space pioneers who continue to influence our lives.
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Dear Amy: I'm in 4-H Club, and I'm a song leader. Can you help me find some funny, silly songs? — Madison, Franklin, Missouri

Dear Madison: I've always loved to sing silly songs! Sometimes one of my friends will come home from camp with new songs she learned. Then we'll all learn it and sing along. The Web is also a great place to look for new songs. For a huge list of song lyrics, including classic silly songs and new favorites, go to http://dragon.sleepdeprived.ca/songbook/songs5/songs5.htm. If you're not already familiar with a song, it might be hard to figure out the tune. You can find some classic silly songs with music at www.songsforteaching.com/

If you don't find a song you like, you can always make up your own. I like to create my own parody songs by writing silly new lyrics to a familiar song. It could be a classic tune that everyone knows like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or a popular song on the radio. You can make your parody song about whatever you want. Play around with different lyrics and see what sounds good. Your parody song will sound more natural if the rhythm of the new lyrics sounds similar to the original song. Have fun!


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