Week of February 7, 2010

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What did the dragon in “St. George and the Dragon” demand every day?
A pie
A sheep and a villager 
A princess  

How many feet above sea level is Mount Everest?
19,000 feet
29,000 feet
39,000 feet

Which large
city dump
can you see from outer space?
New York City’s
Hong Kong’s

Wander Into Wonderment

lionThe Art Institute of Chicago wants you to explore your curiosities at Curious Corner, www.artic.edu/aic/
. Story Time will introduce you to some new tales, such as Ganesha Gets His Head and The Golden Bird. Play games at Match Up where you will be challenged to different kinds of matching games, such as those that ask you to identify texture and sound. Lastly, try some more new fun with Play With Art. Here you will be introduced to Cornell Boxes, the fabulous collection creations of artist Joseph Cornell.
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Climb This Tree

The Weather KidsGet a new view on the weather at the University of Illinois' Tree House Weather Kids, http://urbanext.
. Join your other tree house friends and learn how weather comes to pass, whether you are concerned about snow or basking in the glory of sunny days. Seasons and Temperature shows you how we end up with rain, snow, ice and more! Clouds and Moisture will have you looking for more than shapes in the skies. Clouds are clues to weather to come, so watch out and stay informed.

Love Thy Planet

girl cleaning up beachHow Earth-friendly are you really? BBC's Environmental Intelligence Unit, www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/education/
, invites you to find out and make changes to increase your green factor. The EIU Headquarters is dedicated to finding out what kinds of things are bad for the Earth and learning how to minimize the negative effects. From riding in cars to dumping our trash, we are hard on our planet. But learning how to use the 3 R's of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse will have you lending a helping hand in no time. Your eco-friendly moves will be appreciated.
Speak Out

What is your favorite bedtime story?

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Unleash Your Imagination

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved books. It's fun to get lost in a fairy tale world or try to solve a mystery. Another great way to enjoy a story is to write one yourself. It might seem complicated at first, but with some planning and creativity, you can write an awesome tale. Tell a story about crazy creatures, knights in shining armor or even one that takes place on a distant planet. It's all up to you! Not sure where to get started? Check out writing tips from children's author Corey Green at www.coreygreen.com/

Once you're ready to start writing, figure out how you'd like to write your story. Some people prefer to type their stories on the computer, and other people like to write in a notebook. Another fun option is to use a story building Web site like My StoryMaker, www.carnegielibrary.org/kids/
. You can build an illustrated storybook with drag and drop characters, items and scenery. Then bring your story to life with words and animation. When you're done, save your story and check out other kids' creations.


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