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How many photos can go in a Caboodle?
1 to 15
5 to 20
5 to 30

Which is the most widespread of all whale species?
The Sperm Whale
The Blue Whale
The Beluga Whale

What does Archean mean?
Shaped like an arch

Your Inner Artist

box with question marks on itCelebrate your photographic talent at Caboodle, www.
. Do you have some favorite items, collections or pictures you want to share with other kids? Well, Caboodle is the perfect place to upload your photos so that others can see the cool stuff that rocks your world. As long as you follow this site’s rules, your page will be up and running in no time at all. Be sure to check out the pages that museums and galleries have set up for your enjoyment as well, and send on your Caboodle link to family and friends.
Nominate a cool Web site at:

A Whale's Life

Killer WhaleLet the ocean waves take you away to Whales Tohora, http://collections.tepapa.
, where whales journey and people follow. Meet the men and women who feel a special connection to these beautiful beasts in Whale People. There you will read folkloric tales and get to know some real-life whale riders! Next venture into the Whale Lab, where topics such as evolution and anatomy lead you to new discoveries about these massive mammals. Be sure not to miss some great whale videos in Cool Stuff.

A Time to Remember

large snail shellCan you imagine just how many ways the Earth has changed over time? Geologic Time: The Story of a Changing Earth, http://
, is ready to show you. Begin with the Hadean eon, when the Earth was born, and then discover life on Earth as you move through the Archean period. Learn how mountains were formed during the Proterozoic eon, when glaciation caused large bodies of ice to advance over the ever-changing landscape. Then pop over to the Phanerozoic section of the timeline, which is where we find ourselves today.
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What is your favorite meal that your
mom or dad makes at home?

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Dear Amy: How do I get good grades? — Brianna, Gladstone, Mo.

Dear Brianna: A lot of kids struggle with getting good grades. There isn’t a shortcut or magic solution to improving grades. It just takes practice and extra effort. If you’re struggling with a specific topic, asking a teacher or tutor for help is a good first step.

Studying on your own or with a group of classmates can help improve your grades too. There are lots of different ways to study including flash cards or taking notes over your class material. Everyone has a different learning style, so you'll need to find a technique that works for you. For some great study ideas and tips, check out www.how-to-study.com.

Make sure you set aside time each day to study. Managing your free time can be tricky if you're involved with a lot of activities, such as sports and music lessons. For tips on budging your time, go to http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/
. Looking for more ideas on how to get good grades? Visit www.school-for-champions.com/grades.htm for tips on everything from book reports to tricky tests. Good luck and study hard!


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