Week of January 17, 2010

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Where is Titia van Beugen from?
The Netherlands

What makes the 6-cent Jenny stamp so special?
Only 500 were printed
It was a commemorative stamp
It was printed incorrectly

What year did this project begin?

Blending Interests

math artTake art and math, join them together and what do you get? The Virtual Math Museum, http://virtualmath
, is ready to show you how graphic art relies on the visual appeal of math. Symmetry is naturally pleasing to the eye, and the evolution of artistic technology has made the relationship of numbers and pictures easier to understand. Scroll through the fascinating images this site features to see these concepts in action. Click on the colorful pieces that catch your interest for more information about the artist.
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Flying High

airplane passengersTake to the friendly skies with America by Air, www.nasm.
. We guarantee there will be no turbulence on this fantastic flight through the history of these amazing flying machines. The online exhibition will guide you through how aircrafts have evolved over the years, thanks to many technological advances, while Objects and Images is ready to share some cool photos. Last, but not least, be sure to Fly Across America during different time periods to experience air travel at its best.

Shedding Light on the Dark

earth lights at nightThe Science Museum's Lights at Night, www.koshland-science-
, will show you a new way to look at the Earth and appreciate its beauty. Waste no time and try to find your very own hometown lit up in the night sky. These bird's-eye views can be seen on different timelines, too. Explore how the area of your choice has changed over time and observe just how bright certain cities are becoming as their populations grow. Though the holidays have come and gone, this site always has breathtaking lights for you to enjoy.
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Sew Cool

Believe it or not, lots of people used to sew their own clothes and goods. These days, people sew as a hobby rather than as a necessity. Learning to sew is both fun and useful. Clothes that are too large can be fitted or even turned into something new like a pillow, or you can use your fabric-crafting skills to design unique clothing and accessories. The possibilities are endless! Here are some great places to go to learn sewing basics or find beginner-friendly projects.

SEW-lutions Guidelines

Kids Sewing & Craft Projects

Kids Sewing Projects

Sewing Crafts


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