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How do you say "I love you" in Esperanto?
Mi amas vin
Te amo
Je t'aime

According to the food pyramid, in which category does pasta belong?

In what year did the United States adopt four time zones?

A Language to Learn

ZamJoin Zam and learn the universal language Esperanto at www.esperanto.ca/kurso/
. Esperanto is amazingly cool because it does not belong to just one country. Plus it is super easy to learn and really fun to speak. The Esperanto alphabet will help you get your pronunciation down. Move on and learn some nouns like "amiko," which means friend. From verbs to adverbs, the lessons you learn will quickly become a part of your new vocabulary as long as you take some time to practice. Phrases will help you put it all together so that you can impress an Esperantist today!
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An Education in Taste

map of the worldLearn all there is to know about the tasty treats you love to eat at FoodSkool, www.foodskool.ie. Enter the site and mouse over the different characters who will guide you through your food quests. Maybe you want to know how your favorite foods are made. From fish to honey, you can see the process these "good eats" go through before they fill your belly. This site will also give you a detailed rundown on the food pyramid and food labels, so you can make healthy choices to fuel your growing body. Is your tummy rumbling yet? Time for a snack! (This site is no longer available.)

Tick Tock

Stephen HawkingNo matter who you are and where you live, time is a huge part of your life. Visit A Matter of Time, http://library.thinkquest.org/
, to explore time travel and to discover cultural expectations about time and how people interpret the passage of time. Your mom and dad may live by the ticking of their watches, but in other countries patience is prized. Learn more about these differences in The Global Value of Time. Next, take A Trip Through Time to find out about the purpose behind calendars and their roles in different cultures. Well, time's up!
Speak Out

Do you want to learn a foreign language?
If so, which one?

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Experiment and Explore

Science experiments are a cool way to learn about the world around us. Want to learn about flight? Build something that flies, such as a paper airplane or a boomerang, and experiment with it. The shape and weight of your airplane can affect how it flies. For science ideas you can try at home, check out these sites. You might even find an experiment cool enough for the next science fair!

PBS Kids Zoomsci

Weird Science Kids

The Science Explorer

Try Science

YES Mag Projects


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