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What is the most common deer in the United States?
The mule deer
The Sitka deer
The white-tailed deer

How long did Van Gogh's career last?
10 years
20 years
30 years

What do osteoblasts produce?
Blood cells
Bone proteins

If You Love Animals…

Azula the parrotIf fuzzy, furry or friendly animals are topping your list of loves, visit the ASPCA’s Animaland, www.aspca.org/
, for great tips on pets and other wild critters. Even though spring is right around the corner, cold weather can still rear its ugly head. You need to know what to do to keep your pet warm during evening walks, so get some ideas, from coats to keeping your pet indoors, at Real Issues. Have some specific animal inquiries? Ask Azula! This colorful parrot always has answers to all your pet questions. (This site is no longer available.)
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A Mark for Art

Van Gogh paintingVincent Van Gogh invites you to learn about his life and craft at How Van Gogh Made His Mark, www.metmuseum.org/explore/
. A Short Biography will introduce you to Van Gogh's life and travels. Next, explore Van Gogh's Drawings to discover his artistic inspiration and to find out how he learned to draw. Then try out Make Your Mark when you pick up a pen just like the one Van Gogh used to make his. Be sure and try all the different styles to see the detailed results for yourself while creating a real masterpiece.

Scaling Down for Cells

mitochondriaZoom in for a look at life at the molecular level in Center of the Cell’s Explore a Cell, www.centreofthecell.
. Don't let the colorful spinning cross section of the cell distract you. Choose a cell part to begin. Did you know something called a Macrophage kills viruses and bacteria, keeping you healthy? If you are curious about your internal wiring, click on Neuron, where these protein channels conduct all types of important messages that your body needs. Use your mouse to navigate the 3-D cell and see what other cool cell parts help make you the person you are right now.
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Have a Spectacular Spring!

The beginning of spring is always one of my favorite times of the year. All the ice has melted, and the plants are looking green again. It's the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors or even start a new hobby. Try planting a garden or exploring the wildlife in your yard.

Birding Basics

Kids' Valley Garden

Learning to Identify Plants by Families

The Garden Safari

Create a Wildlife Sanctuary

(The second site is no longer available.)


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