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How long is the Great Barrier Reef?
1000 km
1500 km
Over 2000 km

Who is the most famous street artist today?

Who did Athenians recognize as their sun god?

Out to Sea

planktonBoldly venture to Beyond the Reef, www.amonline.net.au/
, and discover the treasures Australia's waters have to offer. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world's most amazing natural wonders, and it also serves as a home for millions of plankton. The reef's phytoplankton produce more oxygen than any plant life on Earth, and the zooplankton are tasty treats for many of the water's inhabitants. Before you leave, get a look at how a slipper lobster evolves in Crustacean Metamorphoses, which is full of great pics.
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Art On The Street

street artStroll through colorful creations in The Tate Museum's Street Art Collection at http://kids.tate.org.
. Street art is more than spray paint. Many street artists have been honing their skills for years, but this site allows you to try your hand at beautifying the side of a building right away with no professional training. You can pick a color and also a thickness to get the perfect look. Add stickers and maybe some stencils and you are set! You can always clear your work if you want to start over.

A Ticket to Athens

Athenian vaseJourney back in time to one of the first civilized societies in history at The British Museum's Athens, www.ancient-greece.co.uk/athens/
. Athens, known to some as the birthplace of democracy, wanted citizens to become actively involved in their government. See how these idealistic individuals lived their lives in Story, where you can choose a character and follow him or her through a typical day as you click and drag the sun across the sky. If you want to take part in Athenian history, click on Challenge, where you will be asked to guide citizens to do their duty.
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In a School Slump?

Sometimes I start to feel a little sluggish when it comes to homework and studying during the long winter months. It takes a little extra effort to make sure I always study as much as I should to do well in school. Fortunately, there are some great sites with tips on every study dilemma, such as how to schedule study time and how to deal with test anxiety. These tips can get you back on track in no time!

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