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How many colors does the benday-dot printing process use?

What is the Aboriginal word for fishhook?

What does the Zerofootprint Calculator measure?
Your shoe size
Your weight
Your carbon footprint

Watch It Pop!

pop art soccer playerGet your cosmic comic guidance at Explore Pop Art With Roy Lichtenstein, www.artisancam.org
. You can explore Lichtenstein's work and then create your own comic book style using his famous techniques. Click Enter to begin your journey. Once you discover the secret of the benday-dot style Lichtenstein used, try your hand at creating some of your own art. Choose a picture and fill it with color. Look! Now you have a really poppin' masterpiece.
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Harbor Habitats

crabWade out into the harbor waters and look around to see what kinds of life you can spot in Sydney Harbor at Living Harbor, www.living
. Lots of animals benefit from their life in this area where land and sea meet. Rodents and bats are just two kinds of land mammals that live close by. Of course, you can always find seals, fish and crabs lurking in their watery home. Remember that people also enjoy the fruits of the harbor. Click on Aboriginal People and discover the importance of the harbor in their everyday lives. (This site is no longer available.)

Checkin' In With Mother Earth

reusable shopping bagWelcome to The Greens, www.meetthegreens.org, the perfect place for Earth-loving kids like you. Check out the latest blog to see what The Greens are saying about new topics such as animal homes and what other students in other schools are doing to help the planet. If you want to act now, click on Special Features to learn how you can recycle while being fashionable and cancel unwanted catalog subscriptions to reduce your refuse. Download The Greens Activity Guide for even more Earth-friendly ideas, like how to make your own recycled paper. Who knew being “green” could be so fun?
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What is your favorite winter sport?

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Global Gaming

One thing kids all around the world have in common is that they like to play games. If you're tired of the games that you normally play with your friends, try a game from another country or try a different variation on one of your favorites. If your friends are busy, check out ancient puzzle games online, such as the tangram game or mancala. Have fun!

Interesting and Fun Games From Around the World

Traditional Children's Games From Around the World

Cyberchase Tangram Game

Mancala Snails


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