Week of February 8, 2009

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What animal is known as “the beast of burden”?

How many pair of socks do you need to create Blast Fashion's jumper?

How long can a person live in icy water?
Only a few minutes
About twenty minutes
Over an hour

Animal Lovin’

catCheck in with Creature Features, www.abc.net.au/
, to learn about what's going on in the animal world. See all kinds of animals strut their stuff in Feature Video, where new clips are always available for your viewing pleasure. If you have a furry friend, do not miss Pet Love, where pet owners send in videos celebrating their domesticated pals. You can also find out more about the special, and maybe exotic, loved one in your life when you click on Pet Facts, which has info on wombats, horses, ducks and others.
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Lookin’ Good

sneakerTo all the fashion lovers out there, BBC's Blast Fashion, www.bbc.co.uk/blast/
, is the right site for you! Check this out: The next time you and your fashionista friends are wondering how to celebrate your love of far-out looks, host a clothes-swapping party. You can download helpful tips and tricks to get you started, and then it's time to invite your buds with raid-worthy closets. Parade around in your new, inspired outfits and decide what to keep and what to give away. This is sure to put a new twist on a traditional sleepover.

Thanks, I'll Sit This One Out

explorerHere is an adventure you'd rather avoid at You Wouldn't Want to be a Polar Explorer, www.salariya.com/
. Stick with a virtual exploration as you follow Ernest Shackleton on his frigid journey to Antarctica. You will be glad you were not aboard the ship when it gets stuck in the ice for months! Feel sorry for the sailors who eventually had to abandon ship and try to survive for a year with only a few months of provisions. From losing men overboard to rough conditions at sea, who knows if Ernest will ever make it to his destination? Discover the truth today!
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Dear Amy: Are there any free sites that let you store files that we can download back to our system whenever we want? — Younus, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dear Younus: A lot of people like to store files using a Web service, so that they can download their files to any computer with access to the Internet. Many online file storage sites will let you store up to a certain amount of data for free and charge a fee to let you store more. For a list of Web sites that offer free data storage, go to www.freewebspace.net/free/Free-file-hosting. Before signing up, be sure to check out the site's privacy policy to make sure your data will stay safe.

Dear Amy: Where is a good craft Web site? — Natalie, St. Francis, Minn.

Dear Natalie: Making crafts at home can be a ton of fun! I like to make birthday and holiday gifts for my friends and family. A great site with tons of craft ideas is ZOOM at PBS Kids, http://pbskids.org/zoom/activities/do. Want to learn how to draw like a pro? Check out the Young Artist Workshop, http://artistworkshop.blogspot.com, to get tips from illustrator Kevin Collier. Craving more paper crafts? Try the Toymaker at www.thetoymaker.com/
. Have fun!


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