Week of February 1, 2009

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In what year was Henri Matisse born?

What do appliances that use mains electricity need?
A surge protector
A plug and wall socket

What did
Lewis Latimer invent?
Traffic signal
Carbon filament for the light bulb
Shoemaking machine

Meeting Matisse

dogBring along some special doggie treats for Raoudi and get to know his famous master, artist Henri Matisse, at Matisse for Kids, www.artbma.org/flash/
. Did you know Matisse is known for his brilliant use of color and fanciful patterns? Next let Raoudi lead you to The Cone Sisters, who were huge fans of Matisse and built the Cone Collection housed in Baltimore. Stroll through the gallery to gather inspiration, and then put your vision to work creating your own masterpiece.
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Your Inner Engineer

silicon spiesYour mission: Save Silicon City at Silicon Spies, www.engineeringinteract.
. The evil Dr. Volt is hatching scary schemes to take out all the power in Silicone City. Join some savvy spy friends and get your license to begin working. Pay close attention to the communications sent to you by your partners. Make sure to take special note of the highlighted dangers involved, so that you stay safe on your electrifying quest. You will discover the inner workings of electricity and figure out how to foil Dr. Volt's plans and save the day.

Inventing America

traffic lightCelebrate Black History Month at Culture and Change: Black History in America, where you can honor important inventors who belong to The Top Ten African-American Inventors, http://teacher.
. From whimsical creations to invaluable inventions, many African-Americans have contributed amazing innovations to our society. First choose an inventor you’d like to learn about, such as Otis Boykin or Dr. Patricia Bath. You can then click on Find Out More to discover what made the inventor unique and what obstacles he or she overcame.

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What is your favorite part of black history month?

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No Couch Potatoes Here!

During the long, chilly winter months, it's tempting to spend all day watching TV. To keep healthy, I try to exercise at least 30 minutes every day. Exercising regularly helps keep your heart and your muscles strong. Plus, it's a lot more fun than watching reruns of the same old shows. Did you know that different exercises have different benefits? For example, activities like gymnastics will make your muscles more flexible, and riding a bike will help to build strong muscles.

One fun way to exercise is to play active video games that get you dancing, but if you don't have one of these games, just boogie to your favorite CD. Playing indoor games with siblings or friends is another fun way to get exercise. If you want to learn a fun new way to exercise such as yoga or karate, try taking a class to learn the basics. To find out more about how cool exercise can be, check out http://kidshealth.org/kid/exercise/fit/work_
. Invite a friend to exercise with you and share in the fun!


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