Week of January 18, 2009

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Who authored “Tales of the Seventh Day”?
Jane Yolen
Nina Jaffe
Rafe Martin

How long has the Hope Diamond existed?
A thousand years
A million years
Over a billion years

What is the largest lake in Florida?
Lake Monroe
Doctors Lake

On the Write Track

Myths, Folktales and Fairytales, http://teacher.scholastic.com/
, is the perfect spot for aspiring writers to develop their skills. This amazing site is ready to teach and inspire, so choose the type of story you want to write and jump in to wow your family and friends with literary genius. You can browse through myths for ideas and then create your own. If fairies and dragons are more your speed, take a workshop and discover what makes a fairytale a fairytale. Poof! Writer's block be gone!
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Natural Beauty

Discover the origins of our world and how it continues to change and evolve at the Smithsonian’s Our Dynamic Earth, www.mnh.si.edu/
. Powerful forces are at work deep underground in Plate Tectonics and Volcanoes, where you must be ready as the surface of our planet transforms at every moment. Solar System shows you how the Earth was born. Be sure also to check out Planetary Tour for an amazing look at our home and our neighbors. Finally, feast your eyes on some sparkling splendors in Gems and Minerals.

Fabulous Florida

Get to know the history and the people of the state of Florida and find out what makes Floridians tick at Florida Kids, www.flheritage.com/kids. Meet the “Unconquered People” in Seminole History, where you can browse through photos, discover Seminole culture and learn to appreciate the life they lead. State Symbols is full of pictures and facts celebrating Florida and highlighting the cool items and animals chosen to represent it. If you are a Florida native or are just looking for a quick overview of this sizzlin' state, review FL. Quick Facts, which will help you brush up on your trivia today.
Speak Out

What is your favorite fairytale? Why?

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An American Hero

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is more than just a day off from school! If you don't know much about Dr. King, take some time to learn about this amazing civil rights leader and his place in history. Already know the basics? Try the crossword puzzle, scroll through his biography and take some time to celebrate the achievements of Dr. King.

The Meaning of the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

“I Have a Dream” Speech

A Biographical Sketch

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Crossword Puzzle


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