Week of January 4, 2009

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Which animal, often mistaken for a dinosaur, lives in water?

If you trespass into a railyard, what consequences could you face?
Jail time or a huge fine
News report

By how much do some scientists believe the Earth's surface temperature will increase by 2010?
2 degrees Celsius
4 degrees Celsius
6 degrees Celsius

Diggin' Deep

The Canadian Museum of Nature invites you on a virtual tour full of facts and games at Gallery Interactives, http://nature.ca/discover/exf/
. It's your turn to Be The Artist when you color in new prehistoric friends. Then, play superhero as you help different dino species time travel back to find their homes. Discover who survives tough times in Winners and Losers, where you find out which animals lived through the K-T Boundary. From geography to history, this site has got it all covered, so have fun learning today!
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Watch Your Tracks

Test your knowledge about train-track safety at Safe Trax, www.virtualmuseum.ca/
. This site is dedicated to help kids learn all about staying safe in different situations involving trains and their tracks. Melanie and Hal need your help as they tackle multiple scenarios. Choose from a rural crossing, bridge crossing or railyard, and use your arrow keys to guide yourself to safety and keep your friends from harm. Once you learn all the rules, you are sure to always stay on track by staying safe. Tread carefully!

The Rising Tide

No matter where you live, the ocean plays an important role in your life as you’ll see at The National Maritime Museum, www.nmm.ac.uk/yourocean. Click on Your Energy to discover how the ocean powers our Earth with oil and gas. But be careful! Many believe these resources will expire in your lifetime. Find out what you can do to help save our ocean in Your Waste, where you will get the lowdown on pollution and what you can do to help make your carbon footprint less noticeable. Congratulations, you are off to a great Earth-friendly start.
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Kitchen Gathering

On a cold winter day, there's nothing I'd rather do than whip up a batch of cookies. Baking can help warm up the house, and it's a lot of fun to bake when you're too cold to play outside. If we already have enough cookies around the house, then sometimes I help my parents make dinner. Making dinner with your family is a fun way to help with the daily chores, and who knows, they might even let you pick what's for dinner.

New to the kitchen? You can learn cooking basics, including how to read a recipe, at http://kidshealth.org/kid/stay_healthy/food/look_at_cooking.html. These kitchen tips will have you cooking like a pro! Now all you need is to find a good recipe. Try to pick a recipe that’s not too hard. You can always save the fancy soufflé for another day. A good place to look for recipes is www.recipeladies.com/kidscooking.html.

Once you find a recipe, be sure that you have all the ingredients you need before starting. I had to learn the hard way that you can’t bake a cake if you don’t have enough flour!

(The second site is no longer available.)


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