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How many coupons were in the ration book?

What kind of animal is Buzzie?

How many people built the
Great Wall of China?
Over 1 million

The Clothes Off Your Back

Make, Mend or Spend? will have you looking at clothes in a whole new way when you visit www.iwm.org.uk/upload/
. Many kids probably take their clothing for granted. Did you know that during World War II families were issued a small number of coupons for clothes that had to last them a whole year? Try your hand at packing a suitcase to last you twelve months away at school and see how you fair. Next, browse through a real student packing list from WWII. Good luck and stay warm.
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Creepin' Up on You

Welcome to Creepers and Climbers, www.kew.org/
, where you will get to meet some new friends, such as Flora the Flower, Slowboy the Snail and others. Browse through Stories and click on the creepy-crawlers that interest you the most, then follow the links to read up on their adventures. If you are feeling creative, take out your markers and crayons, print out coloring pages and get to work. See how plants grow in Games before you go and take in the local nature that surrounds you.

Yong's Quest of Questions

Travel back to 500 B.C.E. and join Yong on a scholarly quest at www.mylearning.org/intermediate-interactive.asp?type=4&journey
. There are many challenging levels in this game, so you are in for a lot of exploring! You will travel to the Great Wall of China and maybe even discover the secrets behind Chinese calligraphy. As you move through the different quests, be prepared to meet a mythical beast that may help you on your journey to victory. By the time you leave, you will have become a true student of Chinese culture.
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What is your favorite video game?

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Dear Amy: If I get a pen pal, how do I know it is safe? — Morgan, Maple Grove, Minn.

Dear Morgan: If you get a pen pal through a school project, where your class exchanges letters with another classroom somewhere in the world, you won't need to worry. Pen pals that you meet online are a different story. Some pen pal sites are safer than others and try to keep kids safe by not sharing your personal information. Other sites post a profile with personal information and let other people contact you.

To make sure a site is going to be safe, have a parent or guardian check it out with you and read through the privacy policy to see what the site will do with any personal information collected. Many of the safer sites have a fee, but they still might be worth looking into. Try www.amazing-kids.org/
, www.world-pen-pals.com or http://members.agirlsworld.

If you and your parent or guardian decide on a safe pen pal site for you to use, remember to make new friends safely. For a quick course in Web safety, check out Safe Surf at www.4kids.org/safesurf.


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