Week of December 21, 2008

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Which two foreign languages did Jacqueline Kennedy speak?
Russian and German
French and Spanish
Yiddish and Greek

When was “The Starry Night” painted?

What does the Tufted Puffin eat?
Small fish & invertebrates

Blending Politics and Style

Journey back in time to meet a true political icon at Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years, http://archive.field museum.org/jkennedy. Many of you are familiar with Jacqueline's killer sense of classic style. Click on Campaign and Inauguration to check out her dynamic black and white ensemble. You might also discover a cool fact about her penchant for foreign languages. Open your invite to White House Receptions and prepare to be wowed by her many gowns. History and politics have never been so beautiful.
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Dark Art

Allow your eyes to absorb beautiful works of art at Van Gogh and The Colors of the Night, www.moma.org/
. Dive into Poetry of the Night: The Town, and take a good look at Van Gogh's artistic vision of after-dark entertainment. From cafes to dancehalls, this artist depicts the fun to be had once the sun set. If you are searching for the peaceful and serene, try Poetry of the Night: The Country. One of his most famous works, The Starry Night is on display for your enjoyment, so lose your self in the beauty of nature.

Tweet Tweet!

Take a virtual trip into the great outdoors at the Canadian Museum of Nature’s “Birds” interactive gallery at http://nature.ca/discover/exb/
. Hear the call of the wild when you try to identify the sounds made by different birds. Next take a look at some bird beaks and try to match them to their owners as you learn all about that bird's special diet. If you want to see more of our beautiful feathered friends, visit Birdwatching Hot Spots, and then make sure to discover all it takes to attract birds to your yard. With just a few simple purchases, your backyard can be a birdwatcher’s paradise in no time.
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What is your favorite bird? Why?

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I'll Take Some Z’s, Please

Did you know that most kids need about nine hours of sleep per night? No wonder I sometimes get tired during the day! A lot of students are staying up later and sleeping less, which can affect your health, your mood and even your grades. Brush up on your facts about sleep and learn if you're getting enough Z’s with these sites.

What is Sleep?

Losing Sleep

Mission Z

Sleep For Kids

(The third site is no longer available.)


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