Week of March 30, 2008

You Go Girl!

Celebrate girl power with the Girl Scouts at Go Girls Only, www.gogirlsonly.org. Ask Dr. M for lots of great girl-friendly advice, like how to handle getting glasses or how to talk to your class crush. Next, share your thoughts and feelings at Girl Talk, where you can make new friends and meet some great girls just like you! Got some free time? Take some fun quizzes and discover what kind of friend you are, or play director over in Games, where you can create your own music video.

Nominate a cool Web site at http://www.4Kids.org/nominations/

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Who helps Dr. M respond to questions in Girl Talk?



Making Impressions uses which fruit?



What is fireweed also known as?
white wheat
yellow tail


Simple Sculpting

Take time to travel to a crafty virtual workshop at Casting and Construction, www.accessart.org.uk/
. Gather up your plaster and clay to begin a simple step-by-step process to help budding artists make real sculptures. Make your mold from clay and check it carefully for any flaws. Then mix and carefully pour your plaster. Once your creation is dry, carefully pull away the plaster to reveal your art. Before your next artistic project, scroll through the great works other kids have submitted in Gallery.

Natural Healing

Natural health is at your fingertips when you check out The Healing Power of Plants at www.virtualmuseum.ca/
. Rummage through your medicine cabinet in Cool Things to Know and learn all about the wonderful cures hiding in your bathroom. Fact or Fiction is a must-see to debunk myths on herbs. Then take a quiz to test your smarts. If you are feeling under the weather, check out the insightful Plant Profiles for cool cures such as the antibacterial devil's-club and the bladder boosting cranberry. This site is sure to open your eyes to new and natural possibilities.

Are there benefits to learning music in schools? Why or why not?


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Be a Web Designer! Part 4

The final step in building your Web site is to maintain it. Good Web sites regularly add new content and make sure their information is current. Many sites use a “news” or “what's new” page to let users know about new features or pages on their site. Adding a news page is optional, but one update that all Web sites must do is checking URL's. If you link to any other Web sites, make sure that your links work. Sites may change addresses or no longer exist, so it is important to update your links.

It is also a good idea to have a way for users to report broken links and give comments or other feedback about your Web site. You could add a guestbook, an e-mail link or a feedback form. When site visitors send e-mail, you should try to answer their e-mails promptly. Otherwise, they could be wondering whether you ever received their e-mail. For more tips on how to maintain your new site, visit www.1stsitefree.com/maintain.htm. If you would like me to check out your cool new site, tell me about it at www.4kids.org/


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