Week of March 23, 2008

Super Sila

Warm up to cool climate change info at Sila, www.nature.ca/sila/
. The arctic’s climate is changing in front of us. Check out Adventure to see how this weather shift is affecting the different areas of our world as Morgan, Ryan and Inukshuk travel to the far reaches of the globe. Click on What Now? and learn what people are doing to help the environment. You can pitch in by buying local food and choosing alternative methods of transportation when you are out and about. We only have one Earth, so treat it well.

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What tiny organisms are in water that are neither plant nor animal?



Where is the Dawson City Museum?

Yukon, Canada
Boston, MA
Houston, TX


What is “hello” in French?


Gold Rush

Grab a shovel and sifter as you try your luck at Klondike - The Rush for Gold, www.virtualmuseum.ca/
. Hit Start and decide how you will play the odds when you make your way to the far north. Some brave souls gambled everything in the hope that they would strike gold. Beware of your choices; success and riches are for the few! Review the map and decide which route might take you to fame and fortune, and see the treks both rich and poor made in their search for golden futures.

C'est Si Bon!

Parlez vous francais? Even if you do not speak French, Primary French, www.bbc.co.uk/schools/
, will teach you important language skills that might guide you through the streets of Paris one day. Learn how to count past 20 or practice important French phrases, like “Where do you live?” and “How old are you?” Work on spelling your name and learn how to help your friends spell theirs in the language of love. Make some cool international friends in Meet the Gang and see what kinds of interests they have and how they spend their free time.

Do you speak a foreign language? If so, which one?


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Be a Web Designer! Part 3

Now that you're done planning your new site, it's time to put things into production! You'll need a Web host for your site, which you can find online for free. However, free hosts usually add banners, pop-ups and other types of ads onto your site. If you want a site without ads, you'll need to purchase a hosting service. Also, if you want to have your own domain such as www.yoursite.com, you'll need to purchase a domain name. If you plan on doing either of these, ask a parent for help. Many people prefer to find a free host if their site is fairly small and simple. Here are a few places to get started looking for a free host that suits your needs. These sites make it easy to upload your files and publish your new Web site.

MatMice Pages

Google Sites

Yahoo! Geocities

(The first and third sites are no longer available.)


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