Week of February 24, 2008

Fab Females

Honor great women when you visit Women of Our Time at www.npg.si.edu/cexh/
. Click on Gallery and navigate through a super selection of photographs celebrating the many wonderful women of the 20th century. Move your cursor to the right to view pictures of Julia Child, Sylvia Plath, Rosa Parks and others. Biographical Moments highlights the many different ways that photographers documented these special lives through still photos. This site is sure to spark “girl power” in both boys and girls, young and old.

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In what year was Fannie Lou Hamer born?



What does ISDR stand for?

International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
Internal Strategy for Disaster Reduction
Insider Strategy for Disaster Reduction


What kind of shoes should you wear when you walk in the woods?
Comfortable and closed toe



Disaster Destroyer

Practice your super hero skills when you play Stop Disasters, a wickedly fun simulation game at www.stopdisastersgame
. Your role in this game is to create a safer environment for the population. Don't worry. You are not alone on this quest. When you need it, there is excellent expert advice to help you though the challenges that you will face. Choose your scenario and upgrade your community to prevent specific calamities. Once you finish your mission objectives, move on to help others in need.

Embracing Nature

A Walk in the Woods at www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/woods, will lead you down a path of learning as you enjoy all the beauty the forest has to offer. Look closely at the small but special wonders in the woods. You might learn something new, such as how moss grows on a seemingly dead tree. The coolest part about nature walks is that they are never the same twice. Weather alters the vegetation, so the forest changes every day. Brush up on what you need to know about nature walks in Getting Ready. Good shoes and a map are required.

What is your favorite season? Why?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Is Google safe? — Zoe, Denver

Dear Zoe: Google lets users change their search filtering settings. By default, Google only uses moderate filtering, which still allows sites that are not kid-safe to appear in the search results. If you go to Google's preferences page at www.google.com/preferences, you can set the filter to “strict.” Using the strict filter weeds out most inappropriate material, but no filter is perfect. An easy way to use Google's SafeSearch without changing any settings is by going to www.squirrelnet.com/search/ Google_SafeSearch.asp. This page has a Google SafeSearch bar and even has links to all the topics in the Kids and Teens Google directory.

There are some things a filter can't protect against, so if you choose to use Google, be sure to use their cyber safety skills! Their search results may contain sites that are phishing scams or sites that could harm your computer. For a fun way to brush up on your cyber safety skills and learn how to spot malicious Web sites, check out Security Cartoons at www.securitycartoon.com. Happy safe searching!

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