Week of February 17, 2008

A World of Wonder

The Why Files can show how virtual science comes to life at http://whyfiles.org/inter
. Rainbows, tornadoes, thunder and lightning all get some interactive investigation that will help you understand how these freaky phenomenas work. Tweaking a Twister allows you to adjust your tornado and find out just how powerful and destructive these funnels can be to everything in their path. Ready for a challenge?Try to hit a home run by adjusting the speed and angle of your swing. As always, practice makes perfect!

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How fast does sound move?

1000 feet per second 
2000 feet per second
3000 feet per second


What does “kami” mean?



Who created “The Toy Train”?
Peadar Lamb
Rodin Linden
Ty Bentley


Awesome Origami

Meld math and art with cool origami projects at www.geocities.com/
. Did you know that origami is a Japanese art where paper is folded into two- or three-dimensional shapes? Browse through some origami history in Origami Story before you begin to fold and crease your masterpiece. Meet Bonnie in the Origami Snowflake Game. See if your deft fingers can make the paper small enough to fit into her mouth. There are many games and puzzles that will entertain origami novices and experts for lots of folding fun. (This site is no longer available.)

Art at Your Fingertips

A gloriously good time awaits you and your artsy friends at I Am An Artist, www.iamanartist.ie. Each category features video lessons to help you learn. Jump into Paint and Color to explore the many different ways to use amazing hues. Next, mold your mind in Clay where you can get great tips and ideas on how to make cool projects like pots or necklaces. If want to wear your creations, check out Tie and Dye in Fabric and Fiber where cool tees are a breeze to make. Before you leave, go over to Construction and try your hand at puppets.

Who is your favorite artist?


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Be a Multimedia Master

Have you ever wanted to try making your own computer games and animations? Recently, I found a really cool program called Scratch that's made just for kids. You can use it to build interactive stories, games and more. Best of all, it's free too! After you've created something cool, you can upload it to the Web and share it with people around the world. This requires a free membership, so ask your parents before signing up. The program comes with lots of clip art and sounds that you can use in your creations, but I've also included a couple of links to free clip art and sounds online. If you would like to share your creation with me, tell me about it at www.4Kids.org/askamy. Have fun!


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