Week of September 23, 2007

Radical Rainforests

Travel into an amazing expanse of wilderness when you venture into Rainforest Exploration at www.earths
. Come face-to-face with the American crocodile and learn all about her life on Earth. Watch out for the poison dart frog who might be oozing his deadly toxins in your direction. As night falls, furry white “ghosts” zip through the forest canopy, and the sleepy howler monkeys turn in for the evening. This mysterious and magical forest will capture your interest.

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What fruit feeds hundreds of forest animals?

The strangler fig
The black fig
The tree fig


How many slices of pizza does the average kid eat per year?



When was Paul Cezanne born?




Reap What You Sow

Make some new friends at FSA Kids, www.fsa.usda.gov
. Jump into AgVenture and test your knowledge of agriculture as Zip leads the way around the homestead. Then meet up with some local farm animals for a game of Hay Now. If your belly is rumbling, check out Let’s Get Cooking, full of kid-friendly recipes like fruit slushies and healthy chicken stir-fry. Before you go, browse through Fun Food Facts for cool trivia tidbits like how many apples come from Washington state and whether pumpkins are fruits or vegetables.

The Apple of His Eye

See how Paul Cezanne caught the attention of sophisticated Parisians with his apple-themed art when you visit Cezanne's Astonishing Apples at www.metmuseum.org/
. Explore Cezanne for insight into his artistic apple approach. You can also browse through his and other painters’ works and find tips on where you can see Cezanne's original art. Look Closely invites you to zoom in on Cezanne's paintings and examine the apples for color and life. Practice reading at An Apple a Day, then head off to Things to Do for fun quizzes and projects.


What is your favorite evening activity?


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Scrapbooking With Style

When I was younger, I loved to help my mom create family scrapbooks. The hard part was making sure that everything looked right before we glued the pictures and paper designs into place. These days, I prefer to make my own scrapbooks digitally, using photo editing software and online scrapbooking tools. The great thing about having a scrapbook online is that you can share your creation with friends and family no matter how far away they live. Visit these links to get started with your new digital scrapbook.

Getting Started With Digital Photography


Editing Digital Photos


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