Week of August 12, 2007

Spanish for Kids

Brush up on your Spanish basics at www.bbc.co.uk/
. Practice simple phrases to learn how to tell people your name and where you are from. Click on Learn More to get information on Spanish words that describe people, places and things as new adjectives become part of your vocabulary. Meet Spanish-speaking friends Alejandra, Jose, Mercedes and Jhonny and work on your new skills while reading all about them. Be sure to party at Fiestas de Espana before you log off!

Nominate a cool Web site at www.4Kids.org/nominations

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When is the San Juan de Alicante fiesta celebrated?

June 23rd
July 23rd
May 23rd


Who were the first professional baseball players?

The Cincinnati Red Stockings
The Boston While Stockings
The Boys in Blue


Where is the fictitious island of Sheylan?
The Atlantic Ocean
The Pacific Ocean
The Indian Ocean



Batter Up!

Welcome, boys and girls, to the Science of Baseball at www.exploratorium.edu/ baseball. This favorite summer sport is a great way to shape up your body and mind. Take a powerful swing in Exhibits to find out if you can hit a 90 mph fastball, then discover what it takes to get that home run. Baseball, traditionally thought of as an American sport, is loved all over the world. Check out Articles to see how baseball is played in Japan. Activities will have you practicing your baseball skills, so learn to perfect your grip to throw a killer curve ball!

Food Force

Become a hero when you sign up to join the Food Force, part of the World Food Program at www.wfp.org/how-to-help/individuals/food-force. As a Food Force team rookie, you will have to complete six exciting missions that could save thousands of lives. Be sure to get an adult’s permission before downloading this game. You will have to use all your skills to pilot a helicopter and locate those in need, create a balanced meal plan and distribute aid to the hungry. This experience will show you the importance of relief programs and just how essential your help is to people struggling to rebuild their communities.

Should people be concerned about global warming? Why or why not?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: When I signed up for my e-mail address, I had to type in this weird looking code. It was a couple of squiggly random letters and numbers. Why did I have to do that?-Grace, Burton, Ohio

Dear Grace: Many online companies use word verification as a security measure when signing up for an account. The “word” consisting of letters, numbers and symbols is displayed in an image. Typing the word that appears in the image verifies that you are a human user rather than a machine that could be collecting personal information.

Using computer programs to collect personal information online is just one technique that identity thieves use. Another common technique known as “phishing” will use e-mails to lure Internet users onto fake Web sites where they will ask for account or other personal information. Many of these phishing Web sites will look like a real Web site they are impersonating, including using graphics and links that can be found on the real Web site.
To learn more about phishing and how to keep safe from Internet fraud, visit www.fraud.org/tips/internet/phishing.htm.

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