Week of August 5, 2007

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Welcome to Today in History at http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/
where you can search though American memories from any day of the year. Click on Sources to discover where the Library of Congress gathered its information on important moments in time. Searching for a specific historical tidbit? Browse through Archives where you can enter words, dates or months to discover more on your date of interest. Today features a new item daily and shares cool anniversaries that are worth acknowledging.

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In what year was the Treaty of Paris signed?



On average, how many miles does an American meal travel before it's eaten?



In what year was Le Pont des Arts created?


Our Excellent Earth

Learn about life on Earth when you visit the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, www.amnh.org/ ology/?channel=biodiversity&c. Biodiversity is the relationship living things share with each other and their environments. What We Do gives you the lowdown on how scientists are studying biodiversity all over the world. From Africa to North America, biodiversity centers are working to help carry out conservation projects. Be a smart consumer and see what you can do to make a difference with everyday choices about food, water and energy.

Hoppin' Art

Meet Edward Hopper when you browse through his scrapbook courtesy of the Smithsonian American Art Institute at http://americanart.si.edu/
. Get a glimpse of Hopper's family, friends and the amazing paintings he created as you flip through the pages of his personal life. Get your ticket ready and click on Art to see Hopper's shows, full of his featured works. Favorite Places introduces you to Hopper's stomping grounds from train rides in Mexico to the city life in Paris. This site is sure to inspire your wanderlust and creativity, so get ready for a journey in artistic expression today.

What is your favorite way to keep in shape?


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Lend a Helping Hand

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to become involved in helping your community. Instead of spending the afternoon watching TV shows, I like to help clean the parks and streets in my neighborhood with my volunteer group. We all wear rubber gloves and use litter pickers to safely pick up trash as we walk. A lot of the litter we find is actually recyclable. To help reduce recyclable litter, our group hopes to start a recycling program in our town. One of our ideas is to add recycling bins to our parks. Helping to keep our community clean is important to me, since I care about animals and their habitats.

The best way to start volunteering is to find something you care about in your community. Then, think about what you can do to help. Is there a local organization you can join? If you need help finding volunteering opportunities, visit www.networkforgood.
, where you can search by city, ZIP code or charity name to find your perfect volunteering match. Get your friends involved too! Volunteering with a pal is a cool way to hang out and help the planet!


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