Week of July 22, 2007

The Hook-Up

Welcome to the Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits at www.andythelwell.com/
. Just type in your name to begin a fun, powerful journey! See how batteries perform in What Makes Circuits Work, then test your knowledge of complete and incomplete circuit setups. Drag and drop different items in Conductors and Insulators to see what helps power move. All About Switches will turn on your curiosity with fun quizzes and games. Some circuits have to share power. See how electricity adapts when you add or remove cells in Changing Circuits. Check out pictures in Circuit Diagrams before you switch off your computer.

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Which materials allow power to travel through them?



How many pounds of milk does it take to make butter?



Where was painter Jonathan Green born?
Potters Corner, North Carolina
Gardens Corner, South Carolina
Flower Corner, South Carolina



Spread It On

Explore the world of butter, a truly indulgent treat, at WebExhibits, http://web exhibits.org/butter. Browse through the history of this yellow gold to churn butter like the Arabs or add garlic like the Scots. This rich delicacy enhances the diets of many people around the world. Click on Global to learn about different cultures and their affinity for this tantalizing condiment. What Is Butter? is sure to melt away any questions you have about this spreadable substance. Once you are ready to get your hands dirty, Making explains how you can create butter in your own home.

Express Yourself

Sing, draw and dance your way into Artopia at www.knowitall.org/
. Stop by the critic's corner in Painting as you learn what it takes to train your artistic eye. Carve out some special time to search through Sculpture, where you can meet famous sculptors and view their work. Dance invites you to pirouette, arabesque and plie through a short one-minute movie. Media mavens can stroll through the Studio to learn about production or sit through student productions to see what their peers are up to. No matter what your creative interest, this site has you covered!

Do you think instant messaging should be allowed at school? Why or why not?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How can your e-mail travel so fast? — Richelle, Dover, Del.

Dear Richelle: There are many factors that determine how quickly the Internet can transfer information such as an e-mail . The most important factors are your modem and Internet connection speed. The maximum connection speed for “dial-up” Internet users is 56k. This means that they can transfer up to 56,000 bits of information per second. Faster connections can transfer information at millions of bits per second. If you want to see how fast your Internet connection is, visit the Internet Connection Speedometer at http://promos.mcafee.com/speedometer/test_0150.asp.

Dear Amy: How do you make 4kids.org? - Mike, Glendale, Ariz.

Dear Mike: 4Kids.org is put together as a team effort. Our team is made up of
educators, writers, artists, technology specialists and students who all work hard to produce a weekly newspaper article and maintain the 4kids.org Web site. Our team finds the coolest, kid-friendly sites on the Internet, and we feature those sites in our news articles. For back issues of 4kids, visit www.4kids.org/

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