Week of July 8, 2007

Fast Food Figures

Discover the history of fast food at http://library. thinkquest.org/4485. Convenience food is
everywhere, even in school
cafeterias. Click on Advertisements to learn how companies tantalize your taste buds and get you to dig in. Which Meal Is Healthier? will to test your supper smarts as you guess your way through menu choices. Learn all about nutrition and essential food elements, such as fat, carbohydrates, calories and protein, to see what they have to offer your body. Browse through some food facts when you visit Did You Know? before you think about your next snack.

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How many meals do Americans eat out per week?

Four on average
Two on average
Six on average


Meteorites are pieces of what?

The asteroid belt
The milky way


Can you recycle a banana peel?
Only if it is still yellow



NASA's Dawn

Kids can take part in the Dawn space project at
. Click through out-of-this-world slides at Find a Meteorite. Then blast off to visit the Dawn Community, where you can join up with the Celestial Police and try to find a missing planet. Promote your passion for fashion and update your wardrobe when you make your own T-shirt with cool iron-on ideas like the Dawn mission patch or by
designing an asteroid belt. Challenge your scientific creativity by building a spacecraft model and becoming a Dawn Young Engineer.

Rainbow of Fun

Welcome to Julia's Rainbow Corner, www.juliasrainbowcorner .com/html/funandgames.html, for tons of fun and games. Check out easy online crafts in Create Something Cool, where you can build a snowman or decorate a cake. Join Julia and her wild friends in Animals, where you can take an underwater adventure with the octopus or listen to the many sounds of life. Our planet needs your help. Practice recycling and prepare yourself for some dirty work when you visit Let’s Go to the Park. Try reading, spelling and typing with Julia before moving on to other online adventures.

Do you like to eat meals at home? Why or why not?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: When I check my e-mail, I always have e-mail from different companies. Why does this happen? — Sadie, Magna, Utah

Dear Sadie: Some companies send unsolicited e-mails, also known as “spam.” There are many different ways that spammers can acquire your e-mail address. For example, if you sign up for a company's services online, you will often be asked for your e-mail address as a primary form of communication.

Usually, there is a choice to “opt out” from receiving commercial e-mails with special offers, news and promotions. Unfortunately, not all companies offer this option to users when signing up. You might also receive spam if your e-mail address is posted in a public place. Spammers use computer programs to collect e-mail addresses from places like message boards.

In my experience, the best way to combat spam is to use a good spam filter on your e-mail address. Most e-mail providers offer some sort of spam protection or a way to add message filters. To find out more about spam and how to avoid it, visit www.cdt.org/speech/spam/030319spamreport.shtml. With these tips, you'll can spam once and for all! (This site is no longer available.)

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