Week of June 17, 2007

History at Home

Revisit American history through books, pictures, museums and more at Our Story in History, http://americanhistory.si.edu /ourstory. Become a history detective as you search through interactive online activities that will clue in your curiosity. Decifer the images of the Buffalo Hide Painting. Then stake your claim in the prairies and try building a sod house. Try It at Home is full of suggestions, from books to read to activities you can try out under your own roof. Check out links to hook up with other kid-friendly history sites before you ride off into the sunset.

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In what year did Congress pass the Homestead Act?



What does “SOFAR” stand for?

Sound fixing and ranging
Sound floating and ranging
Sound fixing and roaming


Who made City Creator?
Dennis Henderson and Cal Williams
Cal Wilson and Denise Hendrix
Denise Wilton and Cal Henderson


Under-the-Sea Senses

Dive in to discover the sounds of the sea at www.dosits.org. Ocean creatures use sound to communicate and navigate. Technology Gallery showcases the equipment used under the waves. Click on the Science of Sound to familiarize yourself with sound measurement, movement and common water sounds. Audio Gallery lets you listen to the noises different sea critters make, like the blue whale or the manatee, and also provides cool pictures of the featured animals. Many talented men and women are involved in ocean sciences, so be sure to look them up and watch an interview before you log off.

Super City

Bring out your inner architect as you build your own city at City Creator, www.citycreator.com. Choose from three different types of cities: Snoland, where all the buildings are covered in a
beautiful blanket of white frost; Medieville, for a blast from the past; Blankton, a futuristic metropolis complete with spaceships. Once you have picked the building, vehicle or person that interests you, drag, drop and arrange it to your liking. If you make a mistake, simply put the item in the dump truck to make room for new improvements. Save your city and send it to yourself or share it with your friends.

What is one of your favorite Internet activities?


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Social Safety

Social networking Web sites such as MySpace and Facebook have become vastly popular among teens and young adults around the globe. Unfortunately, these types of sites can be very dangerous for younger users, and it is easy for possible predators to gather personal information or create false profiles. To help ease online safety concerns, new social networking sites are being designed just for kids. These new sites offer features similar to traditional networking sites such as chat, blogs and games. Ready to explore the social Web world? Check out these cool, kid-safe sites. Registration is free, but the sites require parental consent.

Club Penguin





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