Week of June 10 , 2007

Outta' This World

Journey into the solar system at Science and Nature: Space by visiting www.bbc.co.uk/
. Do you wonder about life on other planets? Get information on aliens and how the search for other living things takes place in space. Hop into the shoes of an astronaut when you read through her diary, or time travel with Dr. Who when you participate in Exploration. Learn all about bright and twinkling stars, the different types, their birth, death and more. If you are feeling brave, venture into Deep Space where you can dodge black holes and explore mysterious dark matter.

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How hot is the surface of the sun?

5500 degrees Celcius
5000 degrees Celcius
5800 degrees Celcius


When is the best time to look for birds?

In the afternoon
In the morning
At night


Which Frenchman created the Statue of Liberty?



Take Action

Audubon, a conservation organization at www.audubon.org, challenges everyone, including you, to adopt conservation efforts. Reduce, reuse and recycle your way into green living. The next time you sit down to eat, help your mom and dad with tips on food that encourage safe environmental practices. Audubon at Home can teach you to make a difference to help local wildlife with sustainable plants. Then learn what you can do to help with water conservation in your back yard. Most important be informed and speak out.

Bonjour Mes Amis

Welcome to Paris, France. Get your one-way ticket to the Eiffel Tower at www.eiffel-tower.com. Take an awesome 3-D tour or get a panoramic experience to see what this structure has to offer. Tease your eyes with a View of Paris where you can zoom into the city below for a close-up view of distant places. Hector, your new French friend, is waiting for you at For Children Only. Find games, puzzles and coloring fun to help you enjoy this Parisian landmark. Send a virtual postcard to a friend’s e-mail address. Think you know it all? Take the quiz to see how much you have learned.

How do you feel about talking to guidance counselors?


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The Write Stuff

I have received a few letters from kids who want to know about online writing resources. There are tons of sites that can help you improve your writing! Here are some of my favorite online resources with everything you'll need as a student writer.

OneLook Dictionary Search

Joys of Punctuation

Write Ideas

Writing with Writers

Guide for Writing Custom Essays

(The second site is no longer available.)

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