Week of May 27 , 2007

Life On Earth

Many different species make Earth their home. Navigate to ARKive, www.arkive.org to view photos of the many different neighbors you have on this planet. The Globally Endangered Chapter features creatures that need more protection. From the giant African elephant to the tiny Brazilian free-tailed bat, many mammals are in danger of extinction. Select Fish to take a dive into the seas where a gentle giant, the basking shark, waits to be discovered. Even fungi, like the dark purple earth tongue are endangered. Learn about these threatened species while you still have the chance.

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What is the average length of the American crocodile?

3.5 meters
6 meters
4 meters


How many parts do braces have?



How many floors does the Monticello house have?
Two plus a basement
Three plus a basement
One plus a basement



A Perfect Smile

Show them your pearly whites at Healthy Teeth, www.healthyteeth.org. Teeth need protection to stay healthy, strong and white. Learn about cavities to find out what you're up against. Fluoride and regular brushing can help you keep bacteria at bay. Check out Experiments to see the true power of fluoride and how it works. Braces make your smile beautiful and easier to clean. Smoking is not only bad for your lungs it's also terrible for your teeth. No Butts About it can show you how tobacco affects your smile over time. Open wide and take a tooth quiz to see just how much you have learned.

Marvelous Monticello

Travel to Albemarle County, Virginia, without leaving your house when you visit the Monticello Explorer at http://explorer.monticello.org. This red brick, domed mansion was the home of Thomas Jefferson and his family. Get a bird's-eye view of Monticello with Explore the Plantation. Click and zoom for more information on the sprawling estate. Scroll through a 3-D tour to learn more about details of this structure and the people who lived there. From expert interviews to an in-depth look into the grounds and gardens, this site is sure to impress and satisfy even the biggest history buff.

How often do you floss your teeth?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What are all the types of cyberbullying? — Wyatt, Thurmont, Md.

Dear Wyatt: “Cyberbullying” is a broad term for using technology such as the Internet or cell phones to bully or harass peers. There isn't an official list of all the types of cyberbullying, but most resources on cyberbullying list different kinds that are usually defined by what method the bully uses. Common acts include impersonating others online, spreading rumors about others through e-mail, tricking people into sharing personal information and then sending that information to others, and even using profane or other offensive language online.

Unfortunately, cyberbullying is so common that many kids do not realize they are bullies, and often times the victims of cyberbullying are also bullies. Before clicking “send,” we all need to stop and ask ourselves if what we're about to do is rude or offensive. How would you feel if someone sent that message to you? The best way to end cyberbullying is to make sure you don't act like a cyberbully and encourage your friends to do the same. For more information about cyberbullying and how to tell if you might be a bully, visit www.stopcyberbullying.org/kids.

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