Week of May 20 , 2007

Chemical Powers Unite!

If you love comic books and the super powers of chemistry, The Periodic Table of Comic Books, www.uky.edu/Projects/
is the site for you. Check out the periodic table and pick any element to discover the comics that feature your choice. Click on "O" (oxygen) to view older comics starring Wonder Woman, Batman and others. Maybe "Fe" (iron) will give you the strength to discover Metal Men and The Doom Patrol. A dazzling flashback is waiting for you at "Au" (gold), where Richie Rich and Tales of Suspense live on. Bet you never guessed comic books could be so educational!

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Which character does the comic Klondike Gold feature?

Woody Woodpecker
Porky Pig


What is the largest flower in the world?

Rafflesia arnoldii
Flora arnolda
Raffini arnoldus


What is Duat?
A pharaoh
A pyramid
The underworld


Ask it All

Answers for Everyday Mysteries are discovered at www.loc.gov/rr/scitech/
. If you have a question, use Find to get more information on your research topic. For quick browsing, archived questions show popular queries and their answers. Select Astronomy to learn more about how and why the seasons change, or Zoology for some fun animal information. Does pepper make you sneeze? Agriculture can explain it to you. Technology is full of cool facts on the inventors of the telephone, frozen food, even the toothbrush! The answers to many of your perplexing questions are only a click away.

Beyond the Grave

Embrace Egyptian culture and traditions at Eternity Travel, www.mos.org/quest/et. Pharaohs of the past had many important decisions to make when they planned their trip into the afterlife. Here, you will be given 3,300 debens to spend on planning your own safe and speedy journey to the underworld. Browse different tombs where Egyptians were laid to rest, then decide on an embalming treatment, like Anubis' Choice. From cedar coffins to simple shrouds, mummy cases held the bodies in place with or without extra adornments. Save some money for fun extras before wrapping up life in this world.

Would you ever participate in a talent show, and if so, what would your talent be?


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Picasso for a Day

Art class at school is almost always a ton of fun, but painting can get pretty messy. When I'm feeling creative at home, I like to log onto my computer and draw. Drawing on the computer doesn't need to be boring, though. Thanks to spectacular online art tools, you can turn your computer into a digital studio and create anything from morphed photo art to funky scribbled drawings! Here are some of my favorite art sites sure to get your
artistic juices flowing.

Mr. Picassohead

The Scribbler

The Art Zone

Ultimate Flash Face



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