Week of May 13 , 2007

Color It Up

Pay a colorful visit to Punky Doodle's Coloring Club & Fun House at www.pdoodle.com. Meet the real feline inspiration for Punky Doodle's site when you click on About Punky Doodle. You will find cool pictures of Punky and learn about her catty personality. Ready for a frisky good time? Then enter the Fun House for games, puzzles and more. If you are feeling creative, Punky has cool coloring pages to keep you entertained all day long. Before you move on to other things, climb up to Punky's Clubhouse, take Punky's Pledge, and print out your new
membership certificate.

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What is Punky Doodle's real name?

Brodie James Robinson
Robbie James Broden
Punky Doodle


How many players play TacTix?



Where is Mount Etna located?



Amazing Maze

Get your game on and your brain in gear with a visit to MazeWorks at http://mazeworks.com/
. This challenging site is full of creative games that are sure to entertain you no matter your pleasure. Precious metals boggle the brain in English Sixteen, and Peg Solitaire will have you jumping your way to victory. Play a classic, The Tower of Hanoi, and then embrace a French favorite, Hare and Hounds. You will become addicted to Fiver while changing white to black. MazeGen will keep you wandering around, and when you feel prepared for a real adventure, create a maze of your own.

Super Satellite

Get some perspective when you view breathtaking planetary images at Our Earth as Art, http://earthasart.gsfc.nasa.gov. Lakes look awesome from space, like the incredible aqua waters of Lake Carnegie, Western Australia. Nature's beauty will amaze you from Aleutian Clouds to swirling glaciers in Greenland. Take a trip into the wilds of Africa for Mount Kilimanjaro and the Sahara Desert, both famous geographical landmarks. The West Fjords of Iceland and the Andes Mountains are not to miss, so take in this unique site and explore our world. You can also print these images to display in your room.

Do you think schools should censor what students look at on the Internet?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I'm 13 years old and can't seem to find any kid safe chat rooms, and my mom doesn't seem to think they exist. I would like to know if you know of any. — Robert, Ardmore, Ala.

Dear Robert: There are many sites that offer adult-monitored chat rooms for kids. Some chat sites require a paid subscription for their services, but there are also many free alternatives. The downside is that free monitored chat rooms often have limited chatting hours or contain advertisements. You can check out free adult-monitored chat just for kids at www.kidscom.com and select Chat & Buzz or visit www.kidsafeland.com.

Dear Amy: Do you provide a way to pull specific articles or activities that you have run in the past? — Carol Anne, Jackson, Miss.

Dear Carol Anne: You can find copies of our back issues at www.4kids.org/backissues. The issues are organized by year and then quarter. If you want to search for articles by topic, check out Cool Spots at www.4kids.org/coolspots for a collection of featured 4kids articles.

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