Week of May 6, 2007

Brain Boost

Let your mind wander into Brains Rule at www.brainsrule.com. Are you creative? Interested in science? See how other kids are using their smarts when you click on Brains Rule! Expositions. Maybe you would like to Meet a Brain Wiz, such as a science professor or a neurologist, to learn more about their skills and professions. Join in the Brain's Rule! online community to meet others with your interests or to get in touch with experts in your field. If you are ready for a fabulous fun time, flex your mental muscle with great games like Ecstasy Invaders and Brain Attack.

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How many parts is the brain divided into?



What is bagasse?

Sugarcane waste
Tree bark


Where does ballet class begin?
In the center of the room
On the floor
At the bar


Helping Heroes

Protect the Earth with other conserving kids when you visit the Rainforest Action Network at http://rainforestheroes.com. Jump onto the Jungle Gym for tasty recipes sure to please kids’ palettes, cool crafts and fun games. The Heroes Corner can always use new members like you, so share your story and join in the conservation quest. Get a word up on new rainforest terms and view informative videos, maps and photos in About Rainforests. Kids Action offers several options for you to make a difference and become a rainforest activist, even from you own home. So, make an effort to help today.

Tiny Dancers

Agile boys and graceful girls will pirouette with joy when they discover the beauty of ballet at Studio to Stage, http://library.thinkquest.org/
. The Dancer shows fledgling artists what to expect from the ballet profession. Learn about the importance of precise and flawless Technique as you turn, jump and pas de deux through amazing menu options. Knowledge of dance History is vital to an appreciation of this fluid art. Finally, prepare yourself for the Performance, a culmination of practice, choreography, costume design and more.

Do you remember your dreams, and do you think they are important? Why or why not?


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Adventure Awaits You

When it's time to change the calendar to May, I'm amazed that it's almost summertime again! Time sure flies when you're busy with school work and activities. Summer is a great time to relax after a busy school year.

Lounging in a hammock with a glass of lemonade can be nice for one afternoon, but I would rather spend my summer doing something fun and adventurous. Every year I look forward to going to summer camp for a few weeks. I love swimming, tennis and other fun activities I get to do at camp. Most of all, I love spending time in nature, especially if I'm hiking or canoeing.

Summer camps aren't just for wilderness fans! There are all kinds of summer camps for different interests. Start your search at www.summercamps.com, where you'll find camps for everything from acting to Web design. If you can't go to summer camp, there are plenty of other ways to add adventure to your summer. Taking swimming lessons or a martial arts class from a recreation center is a great way to have a blast and stay in shape. Also, you can check out your local library for a summer reading adventure.


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