Week of April 29, 2007

Cartoon Creations

Join Garfield and his buddies for some fun at Comic Creator, www.nhlbi.nih.gov/
health/public/sleep/ starslp/missionz/comic.htm
. Click the “?” button for full instructions on how to bring Garfield, Jon, Odie and their friends together in your very own story. Scroll though animated options for your favorite characters and select the best images to represent your storyline. Then click the bubble text box to add dialogue and flair to entertain your readers with character interaction. This site lets you to drag, drop and flip objects on screen. Preview your work to take in the big picture. (This site is no longer available.)

Nominate a cool Web site at www.4Kids.org/nominations

Visit the Featured Web sites to find the answers.

Which one of Garfield’s friends is a dog?



When did ancient theatre take place?

600 B.C.-410 A.D.
400 B.C.-600B.C.
600 A.D.-700 A.D


What type of mold grows well on citrus fruits?



A Work in Progress

Kids Work! invites you to virtually explore jobs online at www.knowitall.org
. Put on your scrubs and walk through hospital doors to meet real health workers and learn all about the hospital's history. Are you a drama king or queen? Then the theater is sure to attract your attention where you can become a box-office manager or even a playwright! Enter the KidsWork! ETV station to learn what it takes to get a television production up and running. Now you know how to translate your skills and interests into a money- making career.

Brilliance, Bursting Forth

Let the intelligence flow at Thinking Fountain, www.thinkingfountain.org. Browse ideas from A to Z for suggestions on fun science projects like growing your own mold or making beautiful bubble wands. If you do decide to let the mold grow, take pictures of your foul fungus and submit them to the Show and Grow Gallery. Let your mind bend and twist with geometry books, projects and theories in Theme Clusters. Be sure to use the Search option if you are looking for more interesting ideas, and then Mind Map your brainy discoveries to share with others.

Do you think it’s important to go to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned? Why or why not?


Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How do you make a Web page? — Sami, Buckeye, Ariz.

Dear Sami: Web pages are written in HTML, which stands for “hypertext markup language.” HTML tells your browser how to format and display text, images and other objects such as video files. Creating your own Web page using HTML takes time and practic, but can be really fun! You can learn all the basics of writing HTML at www.ipl.org/div/kidsweb.

In order for Internet users to view your Web page, you need a server to host your page. There are many Web space providers who will host your page for free. The only drawback to using free Web providers is that most providers will add banner ads or pop-ups to your Web page.

Finally, you will need to consider what design and color scheme you will use on your page. Here are a few helpful hints:

Bright colors can be fun, but if you use them, make sure your text is readable.

If you have more than one page on your site, use navigation links to let users return to the main page. For more information on creating your Web page, check out www.1stsitefree.com.

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