Week of April 15, 2007

Stormy Times

Keep a watchful eye on the weather when you venture into Hurricane: Storm Science at www.miamisci.org/
. Click your way into Inside a Hurricane to see how storms form and move. Then, learn how to make weather instruments that can help predict inclement weather in your area. These killer storms usually come with warnings, so make sure you know how serious the weather is before you go outside and play. Many of these serious storms claim lives. Get to know the Benitez family for a personal account of what happened to them during a Florida hurricane.

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Where are hurricanes born?

Over tropical oceans
Over high mountains
Over cold seas


When was da Vinci born



In what U.S. region does the brown recluse live?
This spider does not live in the U.S.
In Northern mountains
Southern plains and western portions of the Southeast


Lookin' at Leo

Learn about the many hats worn by Leonardo da Vinci at www.mos.org/leonardo. Take in the visual splendor of da Vinci's work when you tour the virtual museum and view select masterpieces. This Renaissance man, artist and animal lover had amazing talents, including a beautiful singing voice. If you are wondering about how his art took shape, explore the Multimedia Zone for lessons on vanishing point, sfumato and perspective -- all important elements in da Vinci's masterpieces. Cool downloads are available in Toolbox to maximize your enjoyment of all this site has to offer.

Creepy Crawlies

Bust those spider myths and upgrade your eight-legged knowledge by visiting The Spider Myths Site at www.washington.edu/
. Deadly bites put fear into kids and adults alike. Feel better about these creepy critters as you discover the truth behind “dangerous” spiders. Some legends about spiders are not necessarily scary, but they sure are weird. No need to worry about jumping tarantulas or venomous daddy longlegs, though. Read up on house spiders to get the scoop on the web weavers in your place and learn to make peace with these cool creatures.

What do you think are solutions to keep homeless people off of the streets?


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Armenian Adventure

I love learning about the culture and history of foreign countries. Recently, my class has been studying the countries of the former Soviet republics. My favorite country we studied is Armenia because it has a rich cultural heritage and amazing scenery. The peaks of Mount Ararat, the national symbol of Armenia, provide a beautiful background for most of the southwest region of Armenia. The capital city, Yerevan, is a great tourist destination. This busy city of 1.2 million people is home to the world's largest collection of ancient manuscripts and many theaters, museums and concert halls. Take a tour of one of the world's oldest civilizations when you visit the links below.

Discover Armenia

Armenian Fairy Tales

The World Factbook


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