Week of March 25, 2007

Digital Block Builder

Build and control your own virtual block world at www.blockcorner.com. Using simple programming commands, you can create, color and move blocks to build structures. You can even create your own commands, called functions, to help get the job done. Sometimes construction requires a crew. You can use the e-mail command to recruit a friend to help you build. Having trouble getting started? Check out the Official Blockcorner Quickstart Guide for help on using commands and writing functions. Soon you'll be programming blocks like a pro!

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What does the “walk” command do?

Moves a block
Jumps a square
Walks five spaces


What is the name for Hawaii's goddess of fire?



Where does the book "Winnie-the-Pooh" take place?
Cotchford Farm
Orchard Corner
Pooh Place


Hazardous Hills

Walk through the Kids' Door at http://volcano.oregonstate.edu for a super hot experience. Go to Virtual Field Trips to visit a volcano without getting burned. Looking for some volcanic reading? Rocky's Adventures has original stories about Rocky the Volcano Creature. At Legends of the Volcano you can read ancient tales about these fiery mountains found throughout the world. For loads of lava fun, click on Games & Fun Stuff. You can play a sliding puzzle game or try your hand at a volcanic crossword puzzle.

You're Invited to Pooh Corner

Come visit Winnie the Pooh and all his friends at
. You can read about author A.A. Milne or Christopher Milne, the real Christopher Robin, when you go to Biographies. Or if you want to see some plush history take a look at The Original Toys to see the stuffed toys that inspired the famous book characters. Ever wonder how Pooh ended up with the name “Winnie”? Explore The Origins of “Winnie” to find out more. Before you go, stop by the Lyrics section to learn songs from the animated Pooh series. You can sing Tigger's Song all day long!

What is your favorite book genre and why?


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Flying Season

Spring is the best time of the year to get outside and have some fun! I love to play tennis with my friends when the weather is warm enough, but sometimes it gets so windy we have to think of something else to do with our free time. Instead of battling the breeze, we'll go to a big park in my neighborhood and fly kites. Not only is flying a kite fun, the physics behind flying are really cool if you take the time to learn just what it takes to get your colorful kite off the ground!

Kites are made with a curved surface, which causes air to flow faster over the top of the kite than the bottom. The fast-moving air on top creates less pressure than slower-moving air. The slower-moving air under the kite creates high pressure, causing the kite to lift into the air. To get the air flowing, all you need is a little wind or a running start.

This spring try making your own kite at home! You can find instructions at www.bbc.co.uk/norfolk/kids/make_kite.shtml.


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