Week of March 4, 2007

Super Science

Planet Science welcomes you into its world at www.planet-science.com. This awesome site has news you can use. If you want to sharpen your science senses, sign up for a special newsletter geared for your age group. Out There features activities and experiments to match any kid’s special interests. Do games get you going? Wired is the place to be, with a cupboard full of choices to lighten your mood and provide you with hours of fun. If science is your passion, look into a future career in the sciences and take the Next Steps to ensure your success.

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Who took the pictures for Modern Science posters?

James Hunkin
John Hunkin
James Hinken


What does the color red mean?



What was Dionysis' Roman name?


Road Warrior

Traffic signs can be confusing for everyone. Get a leg up with street-sign savvy by visiting the Manual of Traffic Signs at www.trafficsign.us. Colors and shapes play an important role in controlling and directing cars. Recreational and Interest signs will point your road trippin' family in the right direction for cool outings. From school signs that keep kids safe to warning signs meant for drivers out in dangerous conditions, this site is sure to teach people of all ages a thing or two about the meaning behind road markers.

The Myth Stops Here

Gods, heroes and legends get caught in the Mythweb at www.mythweb.com. Choose a deity and instantly learn all there is to know about his or her history and superpowers. Brush up on Heroes like Hercules, who was almost killed by two snakes when he was a baby, and Theseus, a prince forced to face the Minotaur. Use the Encyclopedia to find alphabetical profiles of all things Olympus. These myths are not to be ignored, since these stories are a part of our everyday vocabulary. Visit Today to see the past in action and its modern legacy.

Do you think it’s important to learn about other cultures’ holidays? Why or why not?


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March to Remember

March is Women's History Month. Many smart and courageous women have helped shape our history, and I bet if you think about it, you can name some noteworthy women worth
celebrating. For starters, how about Amelia Earhart or Harriet Tubman? One of my heroes is Eleanor Roosevelt, who was one of the most influential first ladies in American history. Roosevelt was not only a humanitarian leader but also an accomplished writer. To learn more about Eleanor Roosevelt and other important women in history, check out these links.

Women's History Cyberhunt:

Women's History Month at Time For Kids:

Women Who Left Their “Stamps” on History:


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