Week of February 18, 2007

Paper Galore

Experts in the No. 1 papermaking state want to share the wonders of their craft with you. Check out Paper in Wisconsin at www.wipapercouncil.org/
. There are many job opportunities in the paper industry that you may not know about. In fact, it's the 10th largest manufacturing industry in the United States. Careers in Paper fills you in on jobs like forestry. Foresters protect the trees that make paper. Try making your own paper at home by following 9 steps in Make Paper! Games & Puzzles will keep you busy with paper projects. Add some flair to your work in the Coloring Corner.

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Where was the process of making paper invented?



What affects the seasonal weather changes?

The tilt of the earth
The earth's rotation
The space between the continents


When did architects begin building the tower?


The Air Up There

Air is everywhere, but what is it exactly? Find out at www.enviroliteracy.org/
. In Air, Climate & Weather, see how four layers of the Earth's atmosphere affect temperatures. Scientists believe the Earth is heating up. Climate has more facts about global warming and provides 20 steps to reduce the carbon dioxide emmissions that are at the root of the problem. In the Air section, you can learn about pollution indoors and outside. If you want to know about rain, tornadoes or hurricanes, take a peek at Weather. You'll be blown away by all of these facts.

Tilting Tower

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, an architectural wonder, can be explored at www.pbs.org/
. The tower was built with a weak foundation, which was evident when the first three stories began to lean. Discover how architects attempted to right their wrong in Pisa Panorama. Where It Stands Today explains how the Pisa Commission still works to keep the tower from collapsing, one inch at a time. The virtual-gravity experiments in The Galileo Games will boggle your brain. Do not miss Rescuing World Monuments where you can learn how other structures are kept in tip-top shape around the globe.

How long do you think your lunch break should be?


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Festive February

Certain holidays get more attention than others for many different reasons. Valentine's Day is hard to miss when store windows become covered in red hearts and classmates buy valentines for their friends. Most people celebrate this holiday, but there are other important occasions this month to remember.

George Washington’s birthday is on Feb. 22 and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is Feb. 12. Mardi Gras is a huge celebration in New Orleans this February. Visit the links below for facts and fun about these and other cool holidays to celebrate this month.

Valentine's Day

Lincoln’s Legacy

Black History Month

Mardi Gras

(The first site is no longer available.)


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