Week of February 4, 2007

What’s on Your Plate?

Food and Agricultures of the World serves up some good eats at
. The World's Food illustrates the growth process your dinner has to go through before it ends up in your tummy. Farmers from around the world explain their passion to grow. Do a little research, and you will find the food people eat is reflective of their culture. In Colombia, for example, people eat less meat and more sugar. In Japan, people eat more fish because there is less cultivated land. So, set your table for an educational feast today!

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What’s a legume?

A seed or pod
A fruit
A weed


How far away should you stand to wait for a bus?

Five giant steps
Three giant steps
As close as possible


What is the name of the microbe living in tube worms near deep sea vents?
Roundus Wormus
Tubular Wormus
They are not named yet


Zoom Zoomin’

Hop in the Zoomer at www.cdm.org/children.html to explore a world of activities and fun. In Alice's Wonderland you can travel with Alice on crazy adventures and meet some strange characters. For more storybook fun, help solve a mystery in Elena, the Power Girl, or visit old San Jose in Step Into the Past. Ready for a fun challenge? Grand Prix Addition tests your arithmetic skills as you race a friend or the computer. Before signing off, be sure to check out the ASL Machine to learn how to sign messages using the American Sign Language alphabet.

They’re Everywhere!

Watch your step in the Microbe Zoo at http://commtechlab.msu.edu /sites/dlc-me/zoo. Microbes are tiny living organisms that have several cool functions that you will discover while wandering through this site. Microbes may be guilty of killing plants, but they also help build healthy soil. Browse through Ag Acres to see how. If you get hungry, stop by the Snack Bar and take your pick from bread, yogurt or cheese, all fermented and preserved by microbes. More microbes thrive in Water World. No matter where you go, it seems the microbes follow you. Deep down in the dirt or up to six miles in the air, microbes are an inescapable part of our lives.

What is something you see adults do that you will not do when you’re older?


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Fit for Winter

When the weather gets cold I have a hard time exercising. Usually I like to play outdoor games with my friends, but unless it's
snowing, I would rather stay inside where it is nice and warm. Even on bitter wintery days, it is important to remember that getting enough exercise is vital for good health. I try to remember to make an extra effort to keep active in the winter so that I stay happy and healthy.

Believe it or not, even when Jack Frost is in town, there are plenty of ways to keep moving in the winter. If you enjoy sports, you can join an indoor sports team, like volleyball or basketball. You can also try signing up for a dance class at your local recreation center. If you are not in the mood to venture out of the house, you still have options! Try a fun workout video like kickboxing or yoga. One of my favorite things to do is blast my favorite music and boogie until I’m beat. For more activities and games to keep you active indoors, check out www.kidnetic.com/kore.


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