Week of January 21, 2007

Garfield Wants You

Visit Professor Garfield for a fun learning experience at www.professorgarfield.org/
. Click on Spark Top to play fun games in an arcade setting. Take the Mission Z challenge at Star Sleeper and help Garfield and his friends get the rest they need to stay alert. Art-Bot can help you learn to be a cool cartoonist, and the Music-Bot will show you a sing-songy good time. Put on your boxing gloves and step into the Reading Ring with Dr. Stripp. Bob and weave with your reading skills so this challenge won't knock you out!

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What is Dr. Stripp also known as?

The Scrambler Supreme
The Super Scrambler
The Super Sauce Boss


What is jute?

A rough fiber
A soft cotton
A tasty fruit


Who wrote "Wonderful Life"?
Steven Jack Goon
Samuel John Good
Stephen Jay Gould


Your World Discovered

Grab your exploration gear and set out on a global adventure at Geography Essentials, www.channel4
learning.com/ apps26/learning/microsites/E/
. In The Environment learn how you can protect our land through recycling, or pack your passport to travel the globe to see how the climate varies from place to place. People and Places is full of fun facts and information about geography around the globe, with quizzes, FAQs and glossaries to put you in the know. From bettering traffic to protecting the countryside, see what you can do in Your Local Area.

An Evolving Earth

Have you ever wondered how scientists know so much about past life on Earth? Find out at Strange Science, www.strangescience.net. The Timeline features historical milestones, including important publications and shifts in religious philosophies that all played major roles in scientific advancement. Browse through Biographies to see how the discoveries of great men and women have increased scientific knowledge over generations. Of course, on the road to success, many scientists also made mistakes. Make sure to visit Goof Gallery for a good guffaw before you leave.

How do you feel about secondhand smoke?


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Toon in for Fun

Cartoonists have a really cool job that requires a lot of creativity and brainpower. They are able to tell a story in only a few frames using words and pictures. To make the most of a frame, cartoonists use “speech bubbles” and “thought bubbles” to let characters have conversations. The bubbles are read just like a book, from top to bottom and left to right.

Try your hand at making comics with these comic strip creators. No drawing skills required.

Comic Creator

Cartoon Factory

Make Your Own Captain Underpants Comic


Ask Amy a Question

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