Week of January 14, 2007

Brown Baggin' It

Get the Lunchtime Lowdown at www.curiocity.ca/
and you might never look at your midday meal the same way again. Throw yourself and your snacks into the center of the current controversy over genetically modified (GM) foods. Learn why scientists need “gene guns” and how they are used to grow GM goodies like Bt-corn. Pests had better stay away from this crop, but, don’t worry, it is safe for you. Next time you belly up to the lunch table, ask your friends what they are eating and start a conversation with your new GM expertise

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What does DNA stand for?

Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid
Dolfus Nucleus Acid
Deoxy Nucleus Axis


Who created the Playing with Time Web Site?

Time Warner
Red Hill Studios
Time Hill Studios


When was George W. Bush elected?


Tubular Time Travel

See how the world around you evolves and changes when you visit
www.playingwithtime.org. Walk an interactive floor plan of this cool time exhibit when you click on What's New. Make sure not to miss the Gallery where many awesome time-lapse videos show big changes. View beautiful landscapes and see how the years affect them in A Place in Time. Set the scene for your own time-lapse movie in Collaborate and research other Web resources as time rolls on.

Easy Breezy History

Find a fun new way to learn U.S. history when you click on Ease History at www.easehistory.org. You can review important moments of the past by watching videos of important events in history. Select and view Culture, Social or War topics, among others, to see photographs and brush up on facts surrounding your moment of choice. This site also features more than 200 political campaign ads to help you understand the history of America. Discover the meaning of Core Values and how politicians have used them in elections. Become a history connoisseur.

How do you think stress affects you?


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Celebrate Diversity

Recently one of my friends called me a “geek” because I like to work with technology. I know that my friend wasn't saying this to hurt my feelings, but if someone else had said the same thing, I might be a little upset because no one wants to be labeled.
When we use labels such as “prep” or “punk,” we are classifying people into groups instead of seeing people as individuals. Every person is unique, with different talents and interests. When we stereotype people, we take away all the amazing things about them that make them special.

Some of my friends are great at sports and others are really good artists. I know people who are super smart and others who are in their element outside of the classroom. Part of what makes my friends so fun is that they can show me new hobbies and introduce me to new ideas. This week, celebrate your cool, unique self and read more about why diversity rocks at http://kidshealth.org/

(This site is no longer available.)


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